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West Virginia car wreck results in personal injury lawsuit

| Feb 27, 2014 | Car Accidents

Life may seem normal one minute and be drastically altered in the next by a car accident in West Virginia. Even if one individual is trying to abide by the rules of the road and remains vigilant behind the wheel, other drivers unfortunately may not be following the rules of the road. Sadly, a resulting car wreck could lead to incapacitating injuries that significantly impair one’s quality of life.

In a recent incident, a man filed a civil lawsuit against another driver and the telecommunications company for which that man worked. The suit revolves around the fact that the man was yielding for traffic while attempting to make a left turn. A vehicle operated by the telecommunications company employee ended up colliding with his motor vehicle, according to the complaint.

The victim claimed that the man who ran into him was not paying attention to traffic. As a result, he suffered serious injuries. He is seeking financial damages along with court costs and other related expenses.

The company employee who is thought to have caused the car crash indeed may be held liable for the victim’s injuries, depending on what proof is documented and submitted to the court presiding over the claim. This is especially true if it is documented that the company worker was driving while distracted. A successfully navigated personal injury claim may lead to the reimbursement of financial damages resulting from the car wreck, such as medical expenses and lost wages. To prevail in court, however, it is necessary to establish by a preponderance of the evidence that the injuries stemmed from the negligence of another party to the accident in West Virginia.

Source: The West Virginia Record, Company, driver named in car accident suit, Ben Hart, Feb. 21, 2014