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March 2014 Archives

Possible wrongful death from 2006 may be General Motors' fault

There has been much hype regarding the recent auto recall by General Motors for defective ignitions, as many residents in West Virginia are well aware. The recall has resulted in at least one wrongful death lawsuit being filed in another state. This comes roughly eight years after a car accident that took the lives of two girls and injured another.

Blood test could help to diagnose traumatic brain injury

Accidents can quickly lead to brain injuries, which can have lasting effects on a person both mentally and physically. The problem is that some individuals who are involved in traumatic accidents don't believe they could have suffered head injuries. However, failure to get this problem diagnosed can lead to bigger issues down the road in West Virginia. A new test may enable doctors to better diagnose traumatic brain injury, specifically those related to sports.

West Virginia infants may be at risk due to defective product

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing of a product recall that may affect the safety of their infants. Roughly 100,000 stuffed bunny toys and bear-shaped ring rattles made by Vera Bradley have been recalled. Apparently, there is a pom-pom tail on both of the toys, which can detach from the defective product and cause an infant to choke.

Sleep essential for West Virginia traumatic brain injury victim

Suffering a brain injury can be both physically and emotionally challenging for an individual in West Virginia. In severe cases, a person may have to learn how to do basic functions, such as feed oneself again. In more mild cases, the person might struggle to remember facts or may experience dizziness. Getting adequate rest certainly is important for any human being, but it is especially essential for traumatic brain injury victims who are struggling with physical or mental challenges as a result of the injury in West Virginia.

Headache one sign of traumatic brain injury in West Virginia

When people leave home each day, they don't usually expect to come back home with debilitating mental injuries. However, this may easily happen if a vehicle wreck or another type of accident in West Virginia causes a person to suffer a traumatic brain injury. Head injuries can be extremely dangerous with concussions being the most common type of injury to the head.

Duraflame space heater recalled, dangerous for consumers

Although spring is just around the corner, the need for electric space heaters is still evident in many locations. This year has provided the nation with some crazy, extreme weather. Although most individuals would expect a space heater to be safe because they are being sold in stores nationwide, this may not always be the case.

Traumatic brain injury has negative consequences in West Virginia

When someone suffers a brain injury, this can have grave consequences for the person's life in West Virginia. For instance, basic abilities such as eating, speaking or even seeing can be compromised. It is for this reason that someone who has been involved in an accident, such as a fall, or who has suffered injuries in a vehicle accident would benefit from being medically examined for traumatic brain injury.

Car crash results in injuries to 2 in West Virginia

It's no secret that a car wreck can cause serious injuries -- broken bones, internal injuries, spinal problems and even injuries to the brain. This is why a car crash in West Virginia may have major long-term consequences for a person who suffers injuries. Financial damages certainly can't eradicate the physical and emotional trauma associated with injury accidents, but they might be helpful for addressing emotional distress as well as pain and suffering. It also can help to cover any medical costs and other monetary losses stemming from the tragic situation.

Fitbit Force deemed as defective product causing skin irritation

Many residents in West Virginia who are trying to lose weight or stay fit may have purchased the Fitbit. These are technological devices that offer users a variety of data, including number of steps taken, calories burned and more. Fitbit, and other similar devices, is becoming very popular among the American population as consumers are looking for ways to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. However, it is important for consumers to be aware of a defective product to avoid any adverse side effects.

Woman suffers injuries in West Virginia car accident

When two vehicles collide, it can result in severe damage. Not only may the accident cause major damage to the automobiles, but it can also cause incapacitating injuries. This can affect a person's ability to work and function normally, in addition to causing the victim to rack up medical bills and other expenses related to the car accident.

Man receives knee implant, sues Zimmer over faulty medical device

Most West Virginia residents probably know someone with an artificial knee implant, especially since it is likely the most common among replacement surgeries. As a general rule, this type of replacement surgery is a last resort when non-surgical methods have not worked. Therefore, patients expect to receive a quality knee implant device that will last and help them maintain a regular day-to-day-life. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and some patients end up receiving a faulty medical device. Those with artificial knee implants from Zimmer may be interested in hearing about a recent products liability claim.

Traumatic brain injury in West Virginia requires medical care

The brain is one of the most important organs, affecting all of a human body's functions. However, its soft tissue makes it susceptible to even the smallest amount of pressure. This is why striking one's head against a hard object in an accident situation can be potentially detrimental to a person's ability to function normally. Traumatic brain injury receives special attention during Brain Injury Awareness Month, in West Virginia and elsewhere, due to the often severe nature of this type of injury.

Traumatic brain injury may lead to premature death

A traumatic brain injury patient in West Virginia may experience a variety of challenges in his or her daily life, including the ability to speak in some cases or even the ability to walk in some more severe cases. However, a new study shows that those with a traumatic brain injury face a high risk of death as well. The study calls attention to the need to properly diagnose and address these injuries.

Couple cites defective product in suit against Werner Ladder

When integral components of a household product or piece of equipment fail, the result can be devastating. Individuals in West Virginia can endure serious injuries as a result of a defective product. In severe cases, death may be the result. Fortunately, no one died in a particular ladder incident nearly two years ago, but a woman claims she was seriously injured.

Traumatic brain injury can affect West Virginia resident's life

The thought of having a brain injury is frightening. This is why some people in West Virginia, even if they don't feel completely well following an accident, refuse to get diagnosed. They fear that a traumatic brain injury diagnosis will completely alter their lives in a negative way, but failure to get the necessary medical treatment after injuring one's head can have long-term consequences.

West Virginia drivers may be unsafe on roads due to auto defect

Various residents in West Virginia may be impacted by a recent recall by General Motors. Apparently, the ignition switch in the vehicle can shut off while one is driving down the road, which potentially and dangerously deactivates the vehicle's airbags. It has been advised by GM to not have a key chain full of keys and ornaments, as this may trigger the auto defect on rough roads. When the key is in the ignition, it should only be the key itself and nothing else to reduce the chance of disaster.

Device may help spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia

Imagine being told that walking would never again be possible. The idea of not having the opportunity to run behind a future grandchild or to simply walk into the grocery store -- something that a person naturally may take for granted in West Virginia -- can be heartbreaking. New technology, however, is turning what might seem like a nightmare to an individual with a spinal cord injury into a dream again.

Possible defective product in Fisher Price child's toy, no recall

West Virginia residents may be interested in learning that a news station from another state has been investigating a particular, and very popular, child's toy. Several consumers have reported the toy defective, yet there has been no official recall on the potentially defective product. The toy is by Fisher Price and is the Soothe & Glow Seahorse, which is among the top 10 best sellers on Amazon.

Research shows gene can help with traumatic brain injury

Suffering from a traumatic brain injury can be hard both for the victim and for his or her family members. This is because this type of injury can have an impact on the way the person functions, including whether he or she is able to walk or complete other basic tasks in West Virginia. According to new research, one gene in a person's body may help experts to predict how well this individual will recover from a traumatic brain injury.

Brain injury may require follow-up care in West Virginia

The term "brain injury" typically elicits feelings of fear and panic in those affected by this type of injury. This is because people often automatically think the worst, imagining someone with a debilitating brain injury. In reality, some injuries to the brain are not as severe. Nevertheless, it is essential that a person in West Virginia with this type of injury receive follow-up care.

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