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Couple cites defective product in suit against Werner Ladder

| Mar 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

When integral components of a household product or piece of equipment fail, the result can be devastating. Individuals in West Virginia can endure serious injuries as a result of a defective product. In severe cases, death may be the result. Fortunately, no one died in a particular ladder incident nearly two years ago, but a woman claims she was seriously injured.

In June 2012, a woman was using a ladder inside her home when it reportedly failed and resulted in her injuring herself. The brand of ladder the woman was using was Werner Ladder. The ladder model was number 368.

According to the lawsuit filed, the rail on the left front of the ladder was deformed and indented. This reportedly caused one of the joints to fail. This particular joint is an important component of the ladder and its safety, as it connects the rail to the spreader bar.

The lawsuit alleges there was a manufacturing defect with the model 368 ladders. They claim there is not a washer in the appropriate place where the rail and spreader bar are joined together. The news source did not indicate the amount of damages that the woman and her husband are seeking following this particular incident. Further, it was not clear as to how severe the woman’s injuries were from the ladder malfunction.

Companies like Werner Ladder are responsible for the overall quality of their products that they design, manufacture and sell. When companies use defective materials in their products or are careless in their design, they are violating regulations they must follow to ensure the safety of consumers. Those in West Virginia who feel they are a victim of a defective product would do well to familiarize themselves with their legal rights and options under the state’s product liability law.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Werner Ladder sued over claims of product liability, Whitney Brakken, March 4, 2014