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Man receives knee implant, sues Zimmer over faulty medical device

| Mar 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

Most West Virginia residents probably know someone with an artificial knee implant, especially since it is likely the most common among replacement surgeries. As a general rule, this type of replacement surgery is a last resort when non-surgical methods have not worked. Therefore, patients expect to receive a quality knee implant device that will last and help them maintain a regular day-to-day-life. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and some patients end up receiving a faulty medical device. Those with artificial knee implants from Zimmer may be interested in hearing about a recent products liability claim.

A man from another state has recently filed a lawsuit against Zimmer, citing a faulty medical device. He received an artificial knee implant that ultimately failed. This malfunction resulted in a second surgery and additional pain and suffering.

Since his surgery, the man has found it difficult to perform daily activities. He experiences stiffness and pain in his knee, which keeps him from efficiently running his business. He feels as though the artificial knee implant by Zimmer was not properly designed, manufactured and tested.

The man had to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation stint after the surgery. This prevented him from conducting activities that he normally would have on a daily basis. He is seeking monetary damages for past and future medical expenses, emotional and physical pain and suffering as well as loss of ability to run his business and earn income. These are all common damages that one in West Virginia can seek in a litigation claim for a faulty medical device.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, Zimmer sued by Pa. man over allegedly defective artificial knee implant, Jon Campisi, March 9, 2014