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Possible defective product in Fisher Price child’s toy, no recall

| Mar 6, 2014 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

West Virginia residents may be interested in learning that a news station from another state has been investigating a particular, and very popular, child’s toy. Several consumers have reported the toy defective, yet there has been no official recall on the potentially defective product. The toy is by Fisher Price and is the Soothe & Glow Seahorse, which is among the top 10 best sellers on Amazon.

Apparently, the toy gets so hot that it simply isn’t safe to be around children. Some parents claim that the toy would smoke after changing the batteries. It is said that this may be due to the overheating of the coils, which begins to melt the interior plastic. A scientist said that heat is an issue, but the exposure to poisonous fumes are a concern as well.

Many parents thought that it was just a random issue. However, there are numerous complaints and negative reviews on Amazon regarding the toy. Some have called Fisher Price to inform them of the problem. The company’s resolution was to tell parents to mail it in and it will be exchanged for a brand new one. Apparently, a new one consists of two batteries instead of three, making it appear as though Fisher Price was aware of the issue and improved the toy’s design.

When a product is put on the market, consumers expect the product to be safe. A child’s safety is a parent’s utmost concern. Therefore, when a child’s favorite toy begins smoking and possibly catching on fire, it raises concern for the child’s safety. West Virginia parents who believe injuries to themselves or their children resulted from Fisher Price’s Seahorse toy reserve the right to file a products liability claim against Fisher Price in an attempt to hold the company liable for their defective product. If liability is established to the court’s satisfaction, damages may be awarded as outlined in our state laws.

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