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Woman suffers injuries in West Virginia car accident

| Mar 20, 2014 | Car Accidents

When two vehicles collide, it can result in severe damage. Not only may the accident cause major damage to the automobiles, but it can also cause incapacitating injuries. This can affect a person’s ability to work and function normally, in addition to causing the victim to rack up medical bills and other expenses related to the car accident.

One couple recently sued a West Virginia man after he allegedly ran into the woman’s automobile in Huntington. The woman claimed that the Feb. 2012 accident was a result of the man’s negligence. The accident occurred when the woman was riding as a passenger in a vehicle on U.S. 60.

The defendant’s vehicle reportedly collided with the car which she occupied. The woman asserted that the man was driving recklessly and carelessly, thus causing the accident. The crash apparently caused her to suffer injuries to her back, neck and spine. The couple is pursuing damages and other costs as allowed by law.

If the man is found to have caused the crash due to negligent or reckless driving, proof of this certainly could be used in an effort to establish his liability in the crash. People who are seriously injured in a car accident reserve the right to file claims against those who are believed to have caused the crash. Particularly if the driver is found to have been speeding or breaking other rules of the road, evidence of this may be offered as proof of a causal factor in the wreck. Claims for monetary damages will be decided once liability is established in a manner that satisfies a civil court in West Virginia.

Source: The West Virginia Record, Ohio couple sues Cabell Co. man after car accident, Ben Hart, March 12, 2014