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April 2014 Archives

Mazda recalls 109,000 Tributes due to auto defect in steering

Just a few weeks ago, West Virginia residents may have heard about Mazda recalling some of their Mazda6 sedans due to an issue with spiders. Now, Mazda is recalling more than 100,000 of their SUVs due to the potential of the SUV losing its steering power. Affected model years with this auto defect are 2001-2004. These vehicles are only registered or sold within 20 of the states across the nation.

Could a mislabeled Oscar Mayer wiener cause a wrongful death?

From auto defects to harmful foods, it seems as though there is a new recall every week. Unfortunately, it hasn't stopped. Kraft Foods recalled a large amount of their Oscar Mayer wieners due to potentially serious health issues. In some cases, these health issues could be fatal. If so, the company may find itself facing products liability wrongful death in jurisdictions throughout the United States, including West Virginia.

Woman files lawsuit after car wreck in West Virginia

If a person suffers injuries in a West Virginia car crash, the situation may traumatize the individual both emotionally and physically. The victim might be outraged if the accident stemmed from another driver's failure to abide by road rules. When there is confirmation that driver negligence was a causal factor in the car wreck, the victim may be reimbursed for monetary damages resulting from the accident, which can help him or her to move on.

Link exists between brain injury and teen incarceration

Brain injuries can affect people of all ages. However, teenagers -- whose brains are still developing -- are particularly vulnerable to the effects of this type of injury. A brain injury certainly can affect a young person's ability to remember information and deal with emotions properly, but it may also alter a person's behavior and cause him or her to get into trouble in West Virginia.

Spinal cord injury can affect any person in West Virginia

When a vehicle accident takes place, people who hear that a loved one has been injured may imagine common injuries such as lacerations or broken bones. However, spinal cord injury also can happen and change the victim's life forever. This type of injury can easily cause paralysis and may even lead to incontinence in some cases, thus affecting a person's quality of life on a long-term basis in West Virginia.

Permanently injured man claims exercise ball is defective product

When a person decides to work out using an exercise ball, he or she expects to feel some amount of discomfort. After all, as the old adage goes "no pain, no gain" -- and this idea is particularly true when trying to get more physically fit in West Virginia. However, in a recent situation, a man got more than just sore muscles after using an exercise ball. He ended up paralyzed when the reportedly defective product exploded and caused him to fall, and now he is suing the manufacturer of this ball.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from new device

People often drive their cars to work, take a walk in the park or work out, not realizing how fortunate they are to be able to operate their legs. For a person with a spinal cord injury, this natural ability may have been taken away as the result of an automobile crash or other type of accident. The situation can cause hopelessness for injured individuals who prefer to be self-sufficient in West Virginia. However, a new medical device may renew their hope.

Woman injured in West Virginia car accident

A seemingly normal drive can become a frightening trip if one mistake, such as the slip of a foot, takes place in West Virginia. Unfortunately, accidents do happen on our roads, and these crashes sometimes result in critical injuries. In cases where the person who is believed to have caused the car accident was driving negligently or recklessly, he or she may be held financially responsible for the injuries sustained in it.

Airbag, brake problems among causes for auto recalls

Each time individuals get into their vehicles, they are operating on complete faith. They expect each component to function correctly so that they get to their destinations and return home in one piece. People's faith, however, is being tested lately in the wake of many auto recalls stemming from problems such as a brake problem or airbag issue. If an automobile fails to work properly, this can result in a serious crash involving critical injuries and even death in West Virginia.

Car accident causes 9 injuries, 1 death in West Virginia

On a Friday night, individuals in West Virginia may be looking forward to seeing a movie, eating out or engaging in some other form of entertainment. However, an unexpected car accident can thwart these plans and even lead to death if the impact is serious enough. A sudden accident killed one person in our state recently.

Car wreck can lead to death in West Virginia

A vehicle can cause serious damage on the road or even death if not operated correctly. When a fatal car wreck is the result of a driver's negligence in our state, the surviving family members of the deceased victim certainly may yearn for a sense of justice in such a situation. Monetary compensation can't restore the life of someone who was killed through no fault of his or her own in West Virginia, but it certainly can help to bring closure and at least some measure of justice.

Faulty medical device leads to $1.2 million lawsuit

Pharmaceutical heavy hitter Johnson & Johnson is in the hot seat after a state court ordered the company to pay out $1.2 million in damages to a woman who claimed injury from one of its medical products. The faulty medical device in question, West Virginia residents may be interested to know, was a mesh sling commonly used to treat incontinence in adults. The state court ruled in her favor the week of April 2.

Car accident results in injuries to 2 in West Virginia

A passenger in a vehicle literally trusts the car's driver with his or her life. After all, the passenger has no control over the speed or direction of the vehicle. If the driver is careless and/or loses control of the vehicle, the passenger is at risk for suffering critical injuries. Others in or near the roadway also may suffer injuries. One individual is in this situation following a major car accident in West Virginia.

Traumatic brain injury can affect one's ability to function

People often go about their daily business in West Virginia, not realizing that a freak accident could easily change their lives forever. For instance, a vehicle accident could result in head trauma, thus leading to a traumatic brain injury. This type of injury can affect a myriad of a person's physical abilities, ranging from his or her ability to speak to the ability to tie one's shoes.

Tyson chicken nuggets may be defective product and cause injury

Fully cooked frozen foods are probably one of the primary things in the freezer of a busy family or a single parent. This is especially true when it comes to chicken nuggets. Almost all kids love Tyson chicken nuggets and they're extremely easy to fix for West Virginia residents on the go. Unfortunately, Tyson has recently recalled thousands of pounds of chicken nugget products that could be labeled as a defective product.

Metalworker endures amputated fingers, sues for defective product

When consumers in West Virginia use a product designed by a company, they expect that product to be in proper working order and be safe for use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and products lacking adequate safety measures can result in serious injury. A metalworker has recently filed a lawsuit regarding a defective product after he says that he sustained permanent injuries while using that product.

Chain-reaction car wreck in West Virginia causes deaths, injuries

When weather conditions seem treacherous, extra care is required on the part of drivers on the road. This is because just one mishap can harm not just one driver but also many others in his or her vicinity. In West Virginia, this type of car wreck happened recently, leading to two deaths and several injuries.

Man files suit, cites defective medical device for wife's death

When West Virginia residents head to the hospital to undergo surgery, they expect to receive quality care with quality supplies and devices. However, it isn't uncommon for a doctor to make an error during surgery. It also isn't uncommon for a defective medical device to be used during surgery, which results in injury or possibly even death.

Car crash leads to death of pedestrian in West Virginia

When it's dark outside, it is necessary to be more cautious behind the wheel to avoid hitting another car or a pedestrian or others in the roadway. Pedestrians in West Virginia are particularly susceptible to injuries or death caused by a vehicle because they simply have nothing to shield them from the force of an oncoming automobile. Monetary compensation certainly can't bring back a loved one killed in a pedestrian vs. car crash, but it can help the family to experience a sense of closure in a challenging situation.

How traumatic brain injury can impact West Virginia victims

Suffering a leg injury in a vehicle accident certainly can change a person's life by affecting his or her ability to walk. The same goes for suffering injury to an arm or another limb. However, suffering a traumatic brain injury can be especially life-altering, as it can leave a person incapacitated not only physically but also mentally in severe situations. These traumatic brain injuries may not be immediately visible in West Virginia.

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