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Chain-reaction car wreck in West Virginia causes deaths, injuries

| Apr 4, 2014 | Car Accidents

When weather conditions seem treacherous, extra care is required on the part of drivers on the road. This is because just one mishap can harm not just one driver but also many others in his or her vicinity. In West Virginia, this type of car wreck happened recently, leading to two deaths and several injuries.

A multi-vehicle chain-reaction wreck took place on Interstate 81. This happened when the speed of the wind quickly increased in the area, causing thick, wet snow to fall onto the highway. The winds picked up and apparently caused whiteout conditions.

As a result, some 49 vehicles were involved in the massive crash. Thirteen of the vehicles were semi-trucks, one of which was a tanker that fell onto its side. Multiple people suffered critical injuries and were transported to the hospital. In addition, two people in separate vehicles died in the crash.

The police certainly will have a challenge in determining what exactly occurred in each injury collision or fatal crash. If they discover which driver caused a particular car wreck, that individual might be held financially responsible for the injuries or deaths resulting from that auto accident. This is especially true if the person is found to have been driving too quickly for the road conditions or disobeying another rule of the road. A seriously injured victim may elect to file personal injury claims against the driver, seeking monetary damages to cover the hospital bills and other expenses tied to the collision. There must be evidence that an injury or fatality was the result of the negligence of another party to the crash before monetary damage claims will be decided in a West Virginia civil court.

Source:, “Report: Two dead in I-81 W.Va. crash“, Kevin Lewis, March 26, 2014