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Man files suit, cites defective medical device for wife’s death

| Apr 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

When West Virginia residents head to the hospital to undergo surgery, they expect to receive quality care with quality supplies and devices. However, it isn’t uncommon for a doctor to make an error during surgery. It also isn’t uncommon for a defective medical device to be used during surgery, which results in injury or possibly even death.

A man has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a medical device that he believes was defective. He further believes that the negligence in creating this medical device deemed it ineffective. According to this man, this eventually led to the wrongful death of his wife.

In March 2012, the man’s wife went into surgery for an open sleeve gastrectomy. The surgery was using a Covidien-designed stapling device. The woman began experiencing pain the day after the surgery. Upon examination, it was determined that the line that has been stapled had separated. The woman ended up passing away approximately a week later, which her husband believes was due to ineffective stapling by a faulty medical device.

Manufacturers of medical devices have measures in place that examine and determine the quality of the device prior to it being sent to doctors and/or medical facilities. These quality control measures are in place to prevent situations like this one from occurring. However, defective medical devices do slip through the cracks every now and then. Anyone in West Virginia who has been injured or lost a loved one due to a defective medical device has the opportunity to investigate their rights in seeking financial retribution based upon the state’s product liability law.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Man claims Covidien gastrectomy device caused wife’s death“, Annie Cosby, March 28, 2014