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3 people died after false readings from defective medical device

| May 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

Diabetics in West Virginia often rely on the use of a medical device and test strips to determine their blood sugar levels. Whether for diabetics or individuals with other medical conditions or illnesses, this type of medical technology is trusted to keep a person safe and aware of whether they need more or less medication or need to seek medical treatment immediately. Unfortunately, a defective medical device can cause serious or fatal injury, which is the case with test strips manufactured and sold by Alere Inc.

Blood clot test strips have recently been recalled by Alere Inc. due to the potential of causing serious harm. The voluntary recall comes after nearly 10 reports of severe adverse incidents. Three patients bled to death after using the test strips, which are supposed to measure the amount of time it takes for one’s blood to clot. The strips provided inaccurate readings, so the users were unaware that their health or lives were in danger.

At this time, Alere Inc. is unsure as to what has caused the problem with the test strips. However, they claim that they will be exploring all options to determine the factors that contributed to these tragic events. Customers are advised to stop using these blood clot test strips immediately and find a safe alternative.

Companies are supposed to only allow tried and true products through their system and out onto the market. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made because companies are not as thorough as necessary when it comes to testing their products. Products should be properly tested before being allowed on the market to avoid having a defective medical device available to consumers, which could pose a serious threat to their health. When this does happen, however, consumers in West Virginia may be able to file a lawsuit for monetary damages to assist in paying for medical and funeral costs while also holding the company accountable for their negligent action.

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