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Baby monitor batteries may overheat, defective product recalled

| May 5, 2014 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

When West Virginia parents purchase a product to be used in the nursery, they expect it to work properly without posing a threat to anyone’s well-being. One of the most common items soon-to-be or new parents purchase is baby monitors. Baby monitors allow parents to have peace of mind by knowing what their baby is doing even when they are in another room washing dishes or doing laundry. Unfortunately, a popular brand of baby video monitors has been recalled and touted as a defective product.

Summer Infant, Inc., which is a company known for providing safe and innovative products to parents and children, has recently announced a voluntary recall of one of their products. The product is a baby video monitor that potentially has the capability of burning consumers or causing a fire. There were approximately 800,000 of these monitors sold across the United States.

Apparently, the batteries within these baby monitors can overheat. The overheating of the batteries can eventually result in smoke and property damage or burn injuries due to the batteries rupturing. There have been more than 20 reports of overheated batteries that resulted in damages.

Manufacturers in the United States are expected to fully test products for potential hazards prior to allowing it to be placed on the open market for purchase. Issues should be addressed before the product is released. Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

West Virginia residents who have suffered injuries caused by a defective product may be interested in learning that they might be entitled to remuneration for damages. If a person has died as a result of a defective product, a claim can be filed on behalf of the victim by family members. A successfully litigated products liability claim can be complex, but it may hold the company responsible for their negligent actions in compromising consumer safety.

Source: CBS2/KCAL9, “Summer Infant Recalls 800K Baby Monitors Due To Overheating Risk“, , April 24, 2014