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West Virginia car accident results in 1 death, 2 injuries

| May 23, 2014 | Car Accidents

A fatal crash that recently took place in our state happened as a result of a driver’s failure to stay in his own lane. Not maintaining one’s lane may be considered negligent driving and could lead to major injuries or death in West Virginia. This car accident occurred during the morning hours.

According to police, a 21-year-old man was driving a car but wasn’t wearing a safety belt. He went over the middle line of the road and ended up striking a Jeep vehicle. The Jeep then was forced onto a barrier made of concrete.

The Jeep was almost pushed into traffic heading in its direction along the state’s turnpike. The turnpike is parallel to the street where the crash occurred. While the car’s driver died in the collision, the Jeep’s driver was trapped in the vehicle and required rescuing. He as well as a male passenger from the car had to be transported to a medical center, and it was anticipated that they both would recover. Police continued to investigate the crash.

Getting injured in a car accident can place financial burdens on an individual due to having to miss work and receive medical treatment. The two injured victims have the right to seek damages in the accident situation, which can help with these costs and other losses stemming from the wreck. Even though the driver who allegedly caused the accident died, his estate could still be held financially responsible. In order for the plaintiffs to win their case, they must satisfactorily prove that the injuries happened due to the driver’s negligence in West Virginia.

Source:, “UPDATE: Man Killed in Head-on Crash, Name Released”, Cathleen Moxley and Anna Baxter, May 15, 2014