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June 2014 Archives

Traumatic brain injury can lead to dementia, other mental issues

Getting kicked in the head isn’t just painful -- it can have long-term impacts that alter a person’s life. People might not be able to process information or perform basic activities like they used to prior to a traumatic brain injury. A concussion or other brain injury is an all too frequent result of an accident, whether from playing sports or being involved in a West Virginia motor vehicle collision.

Cinmar must pay $3.1M to CPSC for dangerous household product

West Virginia residents may be interested in a recent products liability case involving popular step ladders for the home. Cinmar, a company that produces step ladders, will be paying $3.1 million to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Reportedly, the company knew there were defects in some of their ladders. However, they failed to report the dangerous household product, which, by law, they are required to do immediately.

Motorcycle accident results in injuries in West Virginia

Riding a motorcycle on scenic West Virginia roadways can be thrilling, but if another motorist on the road happens to be driving carelessly, the motorcyclist can quickly become injured. Outside of a helmet, a person riding a motorcycle has little protection against the force of bigger vehicles they may come into contact with during a motorcycle accident. The person in the vehicle may also be injured, depending on the impact.

Car accident leads to injuries in West Virginia

Speeding on the road may seem exhilarating for a while, but if a person loses control of the vehicle, the consequences can be serious. For instance, a resulting accident can cause other motorists or passengers to suffer major injuries. One recent car accident involving three vehicles in West Virginia may have been the result of speeding, according to police.

Store accused of selling a defective product leading to illness

Most West Virginia consumers purchase a food product from a store and do not question whether or not that the food is safe to consume. There are various regulations and safety measures in place to ensure that food is safe for consumers. Unfortunately, this does not always keep a defective product from making its way to the grocery store and then into the homes of consumers. This may have been the case recently with Jewel-Osco, a grocery store that is now facing a lawsuit from a mother who says that her son contracted salmonella at their deli.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from horse-riding

Spinal cord injuries in West Virginia can have a major impact on an individual’s ability to live what most consider to be a normal life. Children who suffer these injuries may struggle with issues over bodily functions, such as continence. One program in another state is designed to help children to more effectively deal with a spinal cord injury by using horses.

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from brain training

Brain training has been found to help adolescents who suffer from brain injuries. Specifically, the training can boost their cognitive performance. This new finding can give hope to those in West Virginia who suffer from a traumatic brain injury that affects their ability to remember information.

Chia powder may be a defective product due to possible Salmonella

More than 20 people have consumed chia powder recently and have fell ill afterward. Apparently, they have been infected with Salmonella. Chia powder has now been deemed a defective product for consumers in West Virginia and across the nation.

Traumatic brain injury treatment has advanced in recent years

Brain injuries years ago were more difficult to understand than they are today. Just in the past decade, significant progress has been made in helping patients with traumatic brain injuries to get appropriate treatments and to recover from their injuries. These advances may give West Virginia brain injury victims greater hope about their futures.

Man accuses manufacturer of defective product following stroke

When a patient in West Virginia takes any type of medication, he or she expects the drug to help them. If nothing else, the patient expects the drug to not harm them in any way. Patients expect side effects to be properly listed on the drug's packaging. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, and a defective product can make its way into consumers' hands.

Bounce house accident may lead to traumatic brain injury

Bounce houses are often popular attractions at birthday parties and other fun events for children. However, a child in West Virginia may start out enjoying his or her time in a bounce house, only to suffer a serious injury. One boy in another state recently suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to undergo surgery after getting hurt in one of these houses.

Traumatic brain injury can cause amnesia, memory problems

Some injuries are easy to spot because they are external. However, a person's brain injuries in West Virginia remain hidden until a symptom of the brain injury becomes noticeable to those around him or her, such as poor memory or moodiness. A traumatic brain injury can change one’s life in a negative way, and unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for it yet.

Another possible wrongful death after use of recalled Nap Nanny

When parents purchase products at a store or a garage sale in West Virginia, it is important to immediately check for any recent recalls. After all, not all product defects can be seen by the naked eye. In some cases, a wrongful death can occur as a result of a defective product being used. This has been the case for six families across the United States.

Motorcycle crash takes a man's life in West Virginia

When a vehicle accident involves a motorcyclist, the outcome of the crash is often catastrophic. A person on a bike has little in the way to shield him or her from the impact of another vehicle. As a result, injury and death are not uncommon. Unfortunately, one man recently perished after being involved in a motorcycle crash in West Virginia recently.

West Virginia defective product: Black pepper at Costco

Salmonella is a common food-borne illness that can seriously affect individuals with weak immune systems, such as young children and the elderly. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. It can also cause fever and pain in the abdominal area. In rare and few cases, it can cause more serious ailments if the organism enters the bloodstream. When salmonella is found in a food product in West Virginia or elsewhere, the product is often recalled and deemed a defective product.

Traumatic brain injury can have emotional, physical effects

Traumatic brain injury results in a large number of disability and death cases each year throughout the United States, including in West Virginia. Researchers say that traumatic brain injury plays a role in about 33 percent of all deaths related to injuries in America. In addition, about three-fourths of these injuries are deemed to be types of mild brain injury or concussions.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from new technology

One day, a person may be able to go for a daily run or enjoy a night out on the town in West Virginia, without giving these activities a second thought. However, in a moment, the ability to move one’s lower extremities may be snatched away as a result of a spinal cord injury. Although paralysis may be a discouraging reality for such a person, new research may make it possible to treat paralysis within the next five years.

Car wreck in West Virginia results in 2 injuries

It can be a shock to learn that one’s family members have just been involved in a vehicle accident. Learning that the car wreck was a head-on collision may spark even more panic in a person. This is because these kinds of accidents involve sudden impacts that can lead to critical injuries for any involved West Virginia residents.

Ford issues 3 recalls, 2 of which may cause a serious crash

Ford recently issued a recall for more than 1.3 million cars and SUVs. The recall is due to problems with floor mats, rust and steering. The largest recall was in relation to a steering auto defect that increases the risk of drivers in West Virginia and elsewhere getting into a serious crash.

Deaths from bed handles prompt recall of faulty medical device

From the beginning of 2003 through the end of 2012, there were 174 deaths related to portable bed rails for adults. More than 80 percent of the victims were at least 60 years of age. Since 1995, roughly 550 deaths have occurred due to incidents involving bed rails. West Virginia residents may be interested in knowing that one company is recalling hundreds of thousands of its bed rails that are now deemed a faulty medical device.

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from acupuncture

Acupuncture may prove helpful for treating a wide range of conditions in West Virginia, from anxiety to allergies. However, now researchers are saying that acupuncture may play a huge role in helping people recover from paralysis resulting from brain injuries. Those who suffer from traumatic brain injury may find comfort in the medical researchers’ findings.

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