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Another possible wrongful death after use of recalled Nap Nanny

| Jun 13, 2014 | Wrongful Death

When parents purchase products at a store or a garage sale in West Virginia, it is important to immediately check for any recent recalls. After all, not all product defects can be seen by the naked eye. In some cases, a wrongful death can occur as a result of a defective product being used. This has been the case for six families across the United States.

Six babies have died as a result of a defective infant product called the “Nap Nanny.” The product has already been recalled. In fact, it was recalled last year, but the manufacturer refused to remove the product from the market and provide consumers with refunds. The company said that if and when the product was used properly, it was completely safe.

Unfortunately, the Nap Nanny was not safe. The six child deaths are evidence of that. Between 2009 and 2012, roughly 165,000 of these infant recliners were sold. These products are no longer available on the open market. However, individuals are still using these products and are urged to stop use immediately in order to keep their children safe.

The most recent death involved an 8-month-old baby in New Jersey. She apparently became trapped between the crib bumper and the Nap Nanny. She ended up suffocating.

Because infants cannot fend for themselves, parents in West Virginia expect to purchase baby products that are safe for use. When children suffer serious injuries or die as a result of a defective product, parents may have legal rights and be able to pursue claims for financial relief by means of a products liability lawsuit. All aspects of an individual case should be taken into consideration, including how the product caused the injury or wrongful death, in order to seek to hold the parties deemed responsible fully accountable for the pain and suffering consumers have endured.

Source: ABC News, “Feds Urge Parents to Stop Using ‘Nap Nanny’ After Sixth Death“, , June 3, 2014