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July 2014 Archives

Truck accident leads to 2 injuries in West Virginia

A vehicle crash that leads to injuries can be physically devastating, in addition to causing emotional distress to the injury victims. A truck accident, in particular, can cause large amounts of damage because of the major impact that a huge semi can have with smaller vehicles on the road. Two people recently suffered injuries in a tragic accident involving a semi in West Virginia.

GM recalls more cars due to airbag, turn signal issues

Several recent recalls by General Motors may affect some motorists in West Virginia. The six newest recalls affect more than 800,000 vehicles in the United States and around the world. The reasons for the recalls include problems with turn signals, airbag problems and issues with seats.

Stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury causes added problems

A spinal cord injury in West Virginia can unfortunately impact a person’s ability to affect functions such as bladder control and even breathing. One woman several years ago underwent a procedure to repair her spinal cord injury. However, it was recently discovered that she had developed a mass in the area where cells were implanted as part of the procedure. This is the first occurrence of something of this nature, researchers said.

Car crash costs 3 people their lives in West Virginia

Speeding is not just a violation of traffic laws -- it is also dangerous, as it may result in a vehicle accident in West Virginia. A car crash can easily cause people to suffer critical injuries or even lose their lives, depending on how severe the accident is. Three people in our state recently died in a vehicle crash in the area of Route 10.

AHP issues recall of defective product due to mislabeling

Ibuprofen tablets are used to treat general pain, and also the pain associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A voluntary recall has been issued by American Health Packaging in regard to Ibuprofen tablets being issued to West Virginia patients and other patients throughout the country. Reportedly, the hospital dose is a defective product, which may have individual blistered doses that are labeled as Oxcarbazepine. This is caused by a mislabeled inner unit blister packaging.

Mild or severe traumatic brain injury can cause problems

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in West Virginia when one’s head violently hits a hard surface all of a sudden. These injuries can also take place if an object strikes an individual’s skull and enters the brain. Even though a severe traumatic brain injury has drawn a lot of attention lately because it can affect a person’s ability to function normally, even a mild brain injury can actually have drastic effects regarding a person’s life.

Defective product claim filed over Bosch Skil table saw

When an individual in West Virginia purchases a construction tool, he or she trusts that the product is safe to use. A defective product can cause injuries and even death in serious cases. One woman in another state recently sued a table saw manufacturer, claiming that the tool’s safety features were faulty.

1 injured, 1 dead following car wreck after birthday party

A recent car accident led to the death of a young man and injuries to another in West Virginia. The car wreck happened early in the morning on a recent Saturday. According to police, a driver was navigating a pickup truck when the vehicle turned over and ended up in a creek.

New medication may help those with traumatic brain injury

People with brain injuries might feel disappointed that their injuries keep them from living the lives they used to enjoy in West Virginia. Brain injuries can impair a person's logic or lead to memory problems, and victims might even struggle with body movement control. One hospital in another state, however, is taking part in a new study designed to test one possible new treatment for traumatic brain injury.

Airbag threat leads to BMW recalling another 574,000 automobiles

West Virginia owners of 2000 to 2006 models of BMW 3-Series cars may want to take notice of a recall that was announced recently. The automakers said that the recall relates to the airbag problem identified in other automobile makes that utilize the same airbag system. The company asserts that no reports of any injuries have been received, but that it is a proactive recall as a precaution.

Patients respond differently to traumatic brain injury

Just as West Virginia residents differ in their personalities and in their fingerprints, they also differ in how they respond to trauma. This prevents physicians from being able to predict the outcomes of patients who suffer from conditions such as a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, brain damage can result in severe disabilities, such as cognitive impairment and epilepsy.

Traumatic brain injury may happen due to banging one's head

When people imagine suffering a brain injury, they often associate it with sports accidents or motor vehicle accidents, for instance. A traumatic brain injury typically happens when a person's head hits a hard object, such as the ground. The injury is often serious, and it can lead to problems such as bleeding, torn tissues and bruising of the brain in West Virginia.

Harley-Davidson sued for brake defect after serious injuries

While all drivers on the road should be able to focus primarily on their driving and surroundings rather than auto defects, it is that much more crucial for West Virginia motorcyclists who are already at an increased risk of injury if an accident occurs. No one's safety should be in danger while driving due to a defect regardless of the type of vehicle being driven. Unfortunately, this type of problem does happen. In fact, a couple from another state is suing a major motorcycle manufacturer for product liability for a brake issue that supposedly left them both severely injured after an accident.

Car accident can lead to spinal cord injury in West Virginia

While many people are preoccupied with getting to work on time or meeting a tight work deadline, people with injuries to the spinal cord may be focused on simply getting their shoes tied or struggling to use the restroom. A spinal cord injury, unfortunately, can force an independent person to have to depend on family members and friends on a regular basis for his or her basic needs. These injuries can occur as a result of a major car accident in West Virginia.

Traumatic brain injury and anemia often happen simultaneously

One blow to the head can have an impact that, unfortunately, lasts a lifetime in West Virginia. This is because there currently is no cure for a brain injury. However, modern technologies may help to improve a traumatic brain injury victim's quality of life in the wake of such a massive injury.

Arctic Cat sued for sporting goods defect after ATV accident

Although most West Virginia residents likely hear about auto defects, infant car seat issues and contaminated food recalls, it isn't uncommon for other products to be recalled and deemed defective. In fact, exercise equipment and sporting goods items can be recalled just as often. However, since they are not as widely used, some may never hear about the issues. A man from another state is alleging that he was injured due to a defective part on a four-wheeler.

Spinal cord injury damages could intensify with age

A West Virginia resident may have driven for years without a hitch only to find himself or herself involved in a bad accident that leads to debilitating injuries. Spinal cord injuries can be especially devastating, possibly causing a person to lose his or her bowel control, movement or sense of touch. New research suggests that age can actually make the damages resulting from spinal cord injury worse.

Graco's defective product car seat recall is largest in history

West Virginia parents may be interested to learn that Graco -- one of the most popular manufacturers of car safety seats -- is recalling close to two million of their infant seats. It is said to be the largest defective product recall for car seats in history. The recall comes after the company disputed the issue for five months with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Traumatic brain injury may be linked to dementia

Upon hearing that a loved one has suffered a brain injury in West Virginia, a person may naturally feel anxious. A traumatic brain injury can quickly disrupt a person’s life, from interfering with his or her ability to do normal activities to keeping the person from performing well in school or at work due to poor memory. A new study shows that the effects of brain injury can actually manifest much later in one's life as well, in the form of dementia.

Car crash in West Virginia leads to 2 deaths, 1 injury

When people get injured in a vehicle accident, it is understandable for them and their family members to feel heartache and be confused about what could have caused the incident. A car crash can easily take place if someone is not abiding by traffic laws. One man unfortunately suffered injuries in a recent vehicle accident in West Virginia.

Ice cream is tasty, but a recall touts it as a defective product

West Virginia residents who love ice cream may be interested in knowing that Nestle has recently recalled roughly 10,000 cartons of ice cream. The recall is due to the fact that the package was mislabeled in the factory. The defective product recall affects only chocolate peanut butter flavored ice cream in the Haagen-Dazs brand. The best-by date for the containers of ice cream being recalled is May 13, 2015. In addition, the recall only affects the 14-ounce ice cream cartons.

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