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August 2014 Archives

Apparent auto defect results in recall of Suzuki sedans

When people purchase cars in West Virginia, they expect these automobiles to be safe and dependable. An auto defect can cause a car to malfunction, thus leading to a crash or some other type of tragedy resulting in injury or death. In a recent case, spiders led one car company, Suzuki, to recall nearly 19,000 vehicles.

Spinal cord injury research studies outcomes for minorities

Spinal cord injuries can affect people of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds in West Virginia. New research, however, shows that ethnicity and race do have an influence on spinal cord injury patients’ outcomes. The research was published in early August.

HP admits power cord is defective product, recall announced

Computers are an important part of society today. They are used in all types of industries and as supporting technology in essential infrastructures. However, sometimes computer manufacturers make mistakes when designing their product packages. This seems to be what happened with one computer firm which is now recalling its defective product amid fears that the defect could cause physical harm to customers in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Green tea may help to prevent spinal cord injury

People often drink green tea for many health reasons, including protection against high blood pressure and relaxing the body. However, researchers recently indicated that green tea might also help with protecting a person’s brain and reducing potential damage to the spinal cord. This research finding may be of particular interest to those with a spinal cord injury in West Virginia.

Fake brain tissue may help traumatic brain injury victims

Scientists recently developed the most authentic-looking and feeling artificial brain tissue. This fake tissue might be exceedingly helpful for assisting researchers in understanding questions regarding traumatic brain injury and brain disease. This may provide comfort to those in West Virginia who struggle with brain injuries or have family members who do.

Defective product could harm chicken nugget consumers

A recent recall has been issued for more than 15,000 pounds of chicken nuggets because it likely that the food is a defective product. Applegate recalled the popular chicken product after it was discovered that bits of plastic had been found in the nuggets. West Virginia consumers may also be affected by the defective product recall and should be cautious if they have purchased Applegate chicken nuggets anytime between Feb. 2014 to until the "sell by" date in Feb. 2015.

Spinal cord injury research may help victims in the future

Those suffering from spinal cord injuries in West Virginia may naturally question whether they will ever return to normal. Many of these victims struggle with issues such as incontinence as well as the loss of sensation and movement. Fortunately, a university in another state is seeking eight patients to participate in a test that may result in a new treatment for people with spinal cord injury.

Smoke alarm company recalls defective product

Smoke alarms are essential to help prevent house and building fires that can be utterly destructive in West Virginia. However, if a smoke alarm company produces a defective product, this can have serious consequences. Some individuals recently purchased smoke detectors that may end up proving worthless in the event of a potential fire. These devices are now being recalled throughout the United States.

New tests may help traumatic brain injury victims

People with brain injuries may suffer a wide range of challenges, including blurry vision and difficulty recalling information. This can dramatically impact their ability to take care of themselves and maintain jobs in West Virginia. Fortunately, researchers continue to strive to enhance the quality of life of those suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Automaker faces lawsuit after auto defect is discovered

West Virginia drivers should know that the popular automaker Hyundai is facing a large fine from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after one particular vehicle model was reportedly discovered to have an auto defect. The fine came after the automaker reported the auto defect; however, the automaker did not report the issue promptly. This defect causes brakes to be less effective and could cause an accident.

Motorcycle crash leads to 1 injury in West Virginia

Motorcyclists are at risk for suffering serious injuries if they are involved in vehicle crashes in West Virginia. This is because, other than helmets, bikers do not have much to protect them from the impact of other vehicles on the roads. If these individuals are injured due to another driver’s negligence, they have the right to seek the reimbursement of monetary damages connected to a motorcycle crash, which may provide a sense of closure regarding the traumatizing ordeal.

Car wreck involving single vehicle leads to 2 injuries

A rollover accident can lead to major injuries in West Virginia. For instance, a victim might suffer crushed bones and even damage to the spine or brain. These injuries may not only affect a person physically but also financially if he or she must miss work while trying to recover from the car wreck. A rollover accident can easily occur if a person is operating a vehicle recklessly or negligently in our state.

Woman names Ford in auto defect suit, cites numerous defects

A woman purchased a Ford vehicle approximately two years ago in a state other than West Virginia. She claims that since then, she has had numerous issues with the car. She is now filing an auto defect lawsuit against Ford.

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from vacuum pressure

Individuals in West Virginia sometimes don’t really consider how huge a role the brain plays in their everyday lives. A traumatic brain injury can easily cause a person to experience emotional problems as well as physical issues, such as the ability to move a body part or speak well. A new study recently revealed that vacuum pressure may actually be helpful for limiting brain tissue damage following a brain injury.

Handles for welding torch are being recalled as defective product

More than 13,000 handles for welding torches are being recalled throughout the United States, including here in West Virginia. The handles are said to possibly leak fuel or oxygen. This can create a dangerous fire hazard, which is why consumers should be aware of the potential injury that could arise from continuing to use this defective product.

Spinal cord injury can cause loss of sexual function

People who are involved in accidents that lead to spinal cord injuries may be worried about no longer having feeling in the lower part of their bodies. This can affect their ability to walk and even to have sex, which may be particularly disappointing for men in West Virginia. However, a new device may be able to restore the sexual abilities of a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury resulting in a paralysis.

New device may help with diagnosis of traumatic brain injury

People often don’t imagine that they will end up with traumatic brain injuries. However, getting a traumatic brain injury is possible for anyone who plays sports or who rides in a car that could become involved in a collision in West Virginia. Fortunately, one new device is expected to help with diagnosing and measuring this type of injury non-surgically.

Best Buy accused of selling recalled defective product

Consumers in West Virginia trust that the products they purchase are safe when used correctly. Most people understand that -- from time to time --products may be released to the market that are defective, but that companies will issue a recall as quickly as possible and take responsibility if any parties are injured due to the defective product. If a company issues the recall and a store continues to sell the product, consumers are put at risk. This is what retailer Best Buy is being accused of doing after officials claim the company sold digital cameras that were recalled.

Appeal reopens defective product case against gun manufacturer

Guns have played a role in American society for quite some time. These weapons can increase personal safety as well as arguably increase the dangers to users in West Virginia and elsewhere. Not only do people have to worry about random violence from guns, they may also have to worry about malfunctioning guns, which could cause serious injury. A recent defective product lawsuit filed against a major gun manufacturer has resulted in ongoing litigation.

Defective product such as fruit can cause serious infection

People in West Virginia who recently purchased fruit at Walmart, Kroger or Costco stores may be interested in learning that several fruits have been recalled due to fear of contamination. These fruits include pluots, plums, nectarines and peaches. If someone’s health is affected due to using a defective product such as a contaminated piece of produce, this may be grounds for a product liability suit.

Traumatic brain injury can occur from a bump to the head

When a person experiences a brain injury, his or her life may never be the same. Brain injuries can have dramatic effects on a person’s ability to function physically and even impact his or her cognitive function. In addition, a traumatic brain injury in West Virginia may cause difficulties such as anxiety, depression and sleeping issues.

Certain immune cells can help traumatic brain injury victims

One kind of immune cell called microglia is believed to exacerbate chronic brain diseases in adults, such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. However, according to new research, these same cells may be able to protect one’s brain from life-changing traumatic brain injury in West Virginia. They can also slow down neurodegenerative diseases, researchers said.

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