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Apparent auto defect results in recall of Suzuki sedans

| Aug 31, 2014 | Auto Defects

When people purchase cars in West Virginia, they expect these automobiles to be safe and dependable. An auto defect can cause a car to malfunction, thus leading to a crash or some other type of tragedy resulting in injury or death. In a recent case, spiders led one car company, Suzuki, to recall nearly 19,000 vehicles.

The Suzuki vehicles being recalled are 2010 to 2013 Kizashi sedans that are mid-size. Officials said spiders were drawn to the vehicles’ gasoline vapors and thus weaved webs inside the vehicles. This may block a particular hose used to vent these gases. When this air flow is blocked in a vehicle’s evaporative emissions system, this may result in negative fuel tank pressure.

Leaks and cracks could occur as a result, therefore increasing the vehicle’s chance of catching fire. Another company, Mazda, faced this same type of problem back in 2011 with its Madza6 automobiles. Suzuki has received no reports of injuries or crashes connected to the spider problem, company authorities said. The fix for this problem is a filter designed to keep spiders out; vehicle owners can go to an authorized service provider to get the issue resolved.

Motorists who are hurt as a result of using a vehicle with an auto defect have the right to seek accountability from the manufacturer and/or others in the consumer supply chain. Companies that manufacture vehicles and other goods are responsible for ensuring that these items are safe for the public to use. Injured drivers or passengers may evaluate all of their legal options in West Virginia in an effort to seek financial redress for any wrongs.

Source: NBC News, “Itsy Bitsy Spiders Weaving Trouble Lead to Recall of Suzuki Cars“, , Aug. 27, 2014