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Traumatic brain injury can occur from a bump to the head

| Aug 2, 2014 | Brain Injuries

When a person experiences a brain injury, his or her life may never be the same. Brain injuries can have dramatic effects on a person’s ability to function physically and even impact his or her cognitive function. In addition, a traumatic brain injury in West Virginia may cause difficulties such as anxiety, depression and sleeping issues.

Concussions have drawn a huge amount of attention during the past several years in West Virginia and other states. These are a form of traumatic brain injury that can result if people bump their heads or experience a jolt or blow to their heads. A concussion is most dangerous when it is ignored.

People are typically aware of what concussions are due to media reports about athletes who have incurred these types of injuries. In the sports world, questions have arisen as to how to solve the issue of concussions. The problem, however, is that there doesn’t appear to be a simple fix. Limiting helmet contact or introducing helmets that are more protective are a couple of solutions that have been proposed in the world of sports.

Traumatic brain injury, however, is often the result of tragic vehicle wrecks. If a person suffers this type of injury in a car collision that another motorist caused, the victim reserves the right to seek to hold this driver liable through a personal injury lawsuit. The court will rule in the victim’s favor if it can be satisfactorily established that the driver’s negligence led to the victim’s injuries.

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