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September 2014 Archives

West Virginia residents may have stove with fire hazard at home

Bad things always seem to occur at the worst possible time. This appears to be the case for West Virginia residents who may have recently purchased a gas fireplace or stove from Hearth & Home Technologies for the upcoming winter. This is because the company has filed a recent recall due to a fire hazard for roughly 20,000 faulty products. 

Spinal cord injury happens due to blow to head, neck or back

The ability to walk and run can be snatched away in an instant when a tragic car accident happens in West Virginia or elsewhere. This is because spinal cord injuries can keep an individual from being able to move his or her lower extremities and even cause incontinence. About 250,000 individuals are currently living with spinal cord injury in America.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from electrical pulses

Being able to walk and move about may be a dream for those who have suffered spinal cord injuries. New technology called neural prosthetics can now immediately trigger a spinal cord injury in the legs of a patient to engage in natural movements. Research dealing with the new technology may result in robot-assisted rehabilitation that can help those with partial spinal cord damage to walk once again in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Truck accident can happen due to negligent driving

Driving near a truck may incite fear in a motorist because of the size of a big rig. A truck accident can easily happen when a truck driver fails to pay attention to the road and the other motorists nearby. This, unfortunately, can lead to injuries or even a fatal accident.

Faulty medical device may be to blame for permanent injuries

For West Virginia patients that are in significant pain, a pain pump may be inserted. Essentially, one would expect it to help them make a faster recovery with much less pain. However, pain pumps, like other things, can be installed improperly or can malfunction after insertion. In some cases, a faulty medical device can result in disabling injuries.

Backup visibility system auto defect may be to blame for death

Backup cameras have been in development for years. There has been a lot of debate about having them included in vehicles as a mandatory safety feature. These systems are supposed to help prevent car accidents, but a claimed auto defect in the systems may keep that from occurring. This is something that will be determined in a federal lawsuit pending in another state that could impact similar accidents across the country, including in West Virginia.

Defective joint replacement could injure West Virginia patients

As West Virginia residents age, they may begin to have problems with their joints that hinder their ability to perform basic tasks, such as walking. As a result, some individuals may wish to undergo joint replacement procedures in order to have devices implanted to help with the situation. Unfortunately, some replacements could potentially malfunction and result in serious injury to the patient.

Brain injury research may help to improve rehab efforts

Brain injuries can affect people in a myriad of ways; for instance, people in West Virginia can experience emotional challenges as well as cognitive challenges. A more thorough understanding of brain hubs and networks might help to enhance scientists' understanding of brain injury outcomes. This, in turn, may help with improving rehabilitation and prognosis efforts.

Spinal cord injury victims improve after scuba diving

People with spinal cord injuries in West Virginia may not be able to do the things many other people often take for granted. For instance, they may lose sensation in their lower extremities, thus making it impossible to move around without a wheelchair or cane. New research shows that the sport of scuba diving actually has therapeutic impacts on the bodies and minds of those with paralysis related to spinal cord injury.

Man claims defective product led to son's permanent scars

Using a product that ends up causing injury to oneself or to a loved one in West Virginia can spark a range of emotions, including surprise, fear and anger. One family recently experienced this type of scenario when a boy ended up being cut by a certain T-ball bat in another state. The boy's father subsequently filed a defective product lawsuit against its manufacturer, seeking over $4 million.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from new research

Traffic accidents and work accidents are the cause of many spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, a spinal cord injury can be catastrophic for an individual in West Virginia, as it often leads to partial or complete paralysis of a person's legs and arms. In addition, many patients struggle with spasms or involuntary contractions of their muscles, which can impair their quality of life.

Anemia treatments may not help traumatic brain injury victims

Brain injuries can affect people a myriad of ways in West Virginia. A person, for instance, might become easily distracted and struggle to remember things. Concentration and attention may also be affected by traumatic brain injury. Recent research showed that two anemia treatments that have frequently been used to help brain injury patients from a cognitive point of view unfortunately does not help with these patients' neurological recovery after all.

Bone cement part of recent defective medical device lawsuit

Today, there are many tools and medical devices that are used in surgeries. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for a defective medical device to be used. This can later result in pain and discomfort for the patient as well as additional surgeries. This appears to be what happened to a woman in a state outside of West Virginia.

Traumatic brain injury affects large percent of children

Brain injuries can affect people of all ages in West Virginia. In the United States, acute traumatic brain injury in children accounts for about a tenth of hospital admissions. It also accounts for about 50 percent of childhood deaths, researchers said. Fortunately, the mortality rate right now in a majority of pediatric intensive care units, or PICUs, is under 5 percent and thus has gotten better over the past several years.

Spinal cord injury often happens due to car accidents

The thought of suffering a spinal cord injury can be frightening for individuals in West Virginia. Unfortunately, it's a real nightmare for many individuals who have been injured in car accidents. In fact, about 12,000 brand-new spinal cord injury cases arise each year.

Humidifiers recalled as dangerous household product

Most of our West Virginia readers likely have quite a few appliances in their home that help make their lives easier. Whether we're talking about something as basic as a stove or an automatic cappuccino machine, it is expected that these products work properly when we plug them in. However, for our readers who have an Air Innovation humidifier in their home, it may be beneficial to know that it has recently been touted as a dangerous household product.

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from neural research

The way in which the human brain learns brand new tasks is complicated. However, new research provides information from a neural basis regarding why mastering new activities can be so challenging. The study results may help scientists to come up with better therapies for people with traumatic brain injury in West Virginia and other states.

SolarWorld America recalls modules for defective product

Increasingly, solar energy is becoming a clean source of energy that many people in West Virginia and across America are turning to. However, 1.5 million solar energy modules were recently recalled for risk of injury to the installer or user. SolarWorld America is reissuing installation manuals due to this recall. When installed incorrectly, the modules can become a defective product.

Car wreck claims 2 lives, leaves 1 injured in West Virginia

When people learn that a deadly crash involving a loved one has taken place, this can be upsetting not only for the surviving family but also for the whole community. Unfortunately, one West Virginia family and community recently received word that one of their own died in a car wreck. The accident took place in the area of Route 52.

Brain injury may be connected to ALS

Brain injuries in West Virginia and other areas of the United States have been linked to a neurodegenerative condition called Lou Gehrig's disease. A new study is also trying to find a link between brain injury and ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The recent research involved about 20 investigators from several nations.

Company issues nationwide recall on defective product

For many people, peanut butter or some other form of nut butter is a staple in their diet. As a good source of protein, adults and children enjoy it. Unfortunately, a recent voluntary recall indicates that some people could potentially become very ill if they eat a defective product from one company. The products were sold across the country and could potentially affect people in West Virginia.

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