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As West Virginia residents age, they may begin to have problems with their joints that hinder their ability to perform basic tasks, such as walking. As a result, some individuals may wish to undergo joint replacement procedures in order to have devices implanted to help with the situation. Unfortunately, some replacements could potentially malfunction and result in serious injury to the patient.

A woman in another state is currently pursuing a case against a hip replacement manufacturer as well as the doctors that consulted on and performed her surgery. It was reported that the woman had the replacement procedure, but her implant eventually malfunctioned and resulted in her suffering a serious injury. The woman claims that she chose the implant due to the suggestion of her doctors, who indicated that the replacement was safe and effective.

The woman filed her legal claim as she believes that the doctors associated with her case as well as the implant manufacturers knew of the risks that the implant posed and failed to inform her of those risks. She also claimed that the particular implant she chose had failed and injured other patients who had used the replacement, which she was also not informed of beforehand. Through her case, she is currently seeking over $300,000 in damages.

Joint replacement can be a helpful procedure to go through as it can at times help individuals regain mobility of certain joints. However, it is important that the implant function properly or a West Virginia implant recipient could suffer serious injury. If an individual has been injured due to a malfunctioning implant, he or she may have cause to file a product liability claim in order to seek compensation.

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