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October 2014 Archives

Spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis, rotator cuff issues

A spinal cord injury can easily make a person wheelchair-bound in West Virginia. This is because this type of injury can lead to paralysis in the lower part of the body. Scientists say that rotator cuff treatment may actually help to provide spinal cord injury patients with much-needed relief since they are prone to overburdening their shoulders.

Car crash can happen due to distracted driving

A serious accident in West Virginia can leave a person with critical injuries or even end up in death. In many accident cases, distracted driving is the culprit in a car crash. In fact, cell phone use and texting have become some of the leading causes of wrecks in the state.

Unsafe TV wall mounts may be a dangerous household product

Over 200,000 wall mounts that were sold by Costco have been recalled. Apparently, these wall mounts are now considered a dangerous household product by many West Virginia residents and others across the country. This is because of a defect in the television wall mounts that prevents the units from functioning properly. 

Arctic Cat ATVs may stall -- defect could lead to serious crash

All-terrain vehicles are very popular. This is especially true during the summer months in West Virginia. However, even as the weather cools off many enthusiasts still rely upon ATVs to provide enjoyment, even with the ever present safety risks. This is even more true when the ATV is actually defective, which could result in a serious crash.

West Virginia car crash leads to 1 death, 1 injury

One woman was recently injured and a man passed away in a West Virginia car crash. Police say that the car crash happened on Route 34. The condition of the injured woman was not immediately known following the wreck, authorities reported.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from new surgery

Spinal cord injuries can prevent a person in West Virginia from being able to walk or move his or her hands and arms. However, a new surgery may restore a paralyzed person's ability to walk following the accident that caused his or her spinal cord injury. What makes this surgery stand out in the field of science is that it involves cells that are responsible for helping people to smell.

Siemens fire alarms touted as defective product, recalled

West Virginia residents are well aware of the fact that they need to have at least one fire alarm on each floor of their home. Fire alarms are designed to provide protection to individuals inside the home by sounding an alarm when a fire occurs. Unfortunately, when the fire alarm doesn't sound because it is a defective product, it can lead to a very dangerous situation. 

Car accident leads to teen bicyclist's death

It's imperative that motorists are cognizant of bicyclists on the side of the road. Failure to exercise caution around them can lead to a car accident that ends up causing major injuries or fatalities. One boy unfortunately died in a bicycle accident in West Virginia recently, understandably leaving the boy's family and community in shock and reeling in grief.

Louis Garneau bicycle helmets recalled as defective product

West Virginia residents that are avid bicycle riders may be interested in learning of a recent recall. Bicycle helmets have recently been recalled by Louis Garneau. The helmets were manufactured at the beginning of 2014. The apparent defective product began selling online and in brick-and-mortar stores in January and were sold through September.

Defective products may cause injury to West Virginians

Having products such as generators and smoke detectors can come in handy. Having backup electricity or being able to use a fireplace can be invaluable during a rough winter season. However, when they are defective products, they can unexpectedly cause injury to consumers. Recent recalls of certain smoke detectors and generators may impact those in West Virginia and other states.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from neural research

A serious accident can cause individuals in West Virginia to lose their ability to move their limbs. However, scientists are working on trying to perfect a prosthetic hand that is fully functional, which may benefit some individuals suffering from spinal cord injury. The process involves modeling neural control by using a computer.

Nissan Altima owners: Hood may fly open due to auto defect

It's dangerous driving on West Virginia roads. The thought of getting in a car accident is frightening. However, something that some drivers may not think about is how terrifying it would be if their hood flew open while driving 70 mph on the highway. While most don't worry about this since it is unlikely to occur, those who have 2013 Nissan Altimas may want to rethink that after a recent recall for an auto defect.

2 men die in car crash in West Virginia

It can be heart-rending to learn from police that a loved one's life was snatched away in a tragic vehicle accident. The surviving family might yearn for answers regarding what caused the crash and may feel the need to seek justice. Unfortunately, two men recently died following an unexpected car crash in West Virginia.

Possible dangerous household product: Fiskars shears recalled

The scary thing about today's world is that there are so many products recalled. In many cases, most of the items recalled seem like ordinary products that would normally not pose any threat to consumers. While tree-cutting shears could cause injury when used inappropriately, they are not generally considered a dangerous household product. Unfortunately, that recently changed here in West Virginia and across the country. 

Dangerous home products can cause injuries or death

When a product is made correctly in West Virginia, it can add value to people's lives. On the contrary, when it is defective, it can injure consumers or even snatch their lives from them. People who are injured due to using dangerous home products have the right to take legal action against the parties deemed responsible for manufacturing, designing or selling the faulty products.

Watch allegedly burns young boy; mom files defective product suit

When toys are purchased from major retailers like Toys 'R' Us, West Virginia parents expect them to be safe for their children. Unfortunately, though, this is not always the case. One mother from another state had to learn this the hard way when she purchased a defective product from a local store.

Pedestrian accidents may stem from negligent driving

About 5,000 pedestrians lose their lives every year as a result of vehicle crashes in the United States. In addition, more than 75,000 in 2012 were injured. Pedestrian accidents in West Virginia and other states can easily happen when pedestrians try to cross the road and are hit by a vehicle operated by a negligent driver.

Car crash leads to 1 death, 1 injury in West Virginia

It's understandably tragic to learn that a loved one has lost his or her life or been injured in a car crash. The family of the person who died may naturally reel in grief and wonder how the accident occurred. The injured party may be faced with a long recovery period and financial struggles as a result of the crash. Unfortunately, this type of car crash recently took place in West Virginia.

Movie theater defective product: M&M's may have peanuts

Many of our West Virginia readers have been to the movies. While popcorn is a popular favorite among movie-goers, some may prefer candy. Unfortunately, those who favor M&M's need to be careful or they may find themselves looking into defective product legal options.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from adaptive cycling

When people are paralyzed as a result of spinal cord injuries in West Virginia, they may lose hope of ever being able to walk again. However, new technologies are trying to improve their lives. Adaptive equipment is making it possible for those with a spinal cord injury to finally take part in sports again, such as cycling.

Defective medical devices can result in injuries or death

A medical device is designed to help patients improve their health conditions, but sometimes these types of devices do the opposite. They actually make patients' conditions worse because they are faulty. Those who are injured due to using defective medical devices, or people who lose family members who've used these devices, have the right to seek to hold the device manufacturers accountable in West Virginia.

Car crash involving motorcyclist leads to death, 2 injuries

One of the most harrowing scenarios a person could face in West Virginia is to become injured in a tragic car accident. The individual might be desperate for answers to his or her questions regarding what could have caused the life-changing car crash. He or she might also naturally seek a sense of justice in what may feel like an unfair situation.

Ford recalls vehicles with part that may affect airbag deployment

There have been quite a few auto recalls in 2014. With as many vehicles that have been recalled this year due to various reasons, West Virginia residents may think that there would be an end in sight. Unfortunately, Ford just recalled nearly 750,000 more vehicles due to an airbag defect.

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