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Car crash involving motorcyclist leads to death, 2 injuries

| Oct 3, 2014 | Car Accidents

One of the most harrowing scenarios a person could face in West Virginia is to become injured in a tragic car accident. The individual might be desperate for answers to his or her questions regarding what could have caused the life-changing car crash. He or she might also naturally seek a sense of justice in what may feel like an unfair situation.

One fatal accident involving a motorcyclist unfortunately occurred recently in West Virginia. The accident happened on a Thursday after 9 p.m. A car and motorcycle ended up colliding at an intersection, police said.

According to authorities, a woman, said to be 18, was driving a car in an eastbound lane. At the same time, a 56-year-old man was operating a motorcycle in a westbound lane. However, he crossed to the improper lane and hit the car head-on. The motorcyclist ended up being ejected from his bike and died in the collision. Meanwhile, the younger driver and the driver’s passenger suffered injuries deemed not to be life-threatening; they were taken to the hospital for treatment, officials said.

The injured victims may choose to file personal injury lawsuits, seeking damages that can help them to pay for their hospital bills. Reimbursed damages can also help to cover the loss of wages and even address emotional distress caused by a car crash in West Virginia. Although the motorcyclist tragically lost his life in the collision, the victims may still opt to sue his estate and anyone else who may have separately owned his motorcycle. There must be competent proof that the motorcyclist was negligent before liability will be established and monetary damage claims will be decided in the victims’ favor.

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