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Spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis, rotator cuff issues

| Oct 31, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can easily make a person wheelchair-bound in West Virginia. This is because this type of injury can lead to paralysis in the lower part of the body. Scientists say that rotator cuff treatment may actually help to provide spinal cord injury patients with much-needed relief since they are prone to overburdening their shoulders.

In a recent study, researchers evaluated nearly 40 patients who had a spinal cord injury. These individuals were quadriplegic or paraplegic and had pathologies involving their rotator cuffs. Their lesions were examined as part of the study.

The rotator cuffs of many of the patients were repaired. Assessment of their lesions actually showed more serious injuries than what were initially seen via imaging. The research appeared to have positive results for the patients, who had experienced pain, functional impairment or a limited range of motion.

Researchers are constantly striving to help spinal cord injury victims to live better lives. This can be a struggle because paralysis can drastically minimize a person’s ability to be self-sufficient in West Virginia, and there are really no known treatments for these types of injuries. What may help a person to more easily move forward from an accident causing a spinal cord injury is monetary damages awarded in a personal injury claim. If there is proof that negligence on the part of another person caused an individual’s injuries, the victim may be entitled to receive compensation that can help him or her to cope with the loss of wages and the costs of medical treatment associated with the injury.

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