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November 2014 Archives

Defective products by Graco cause injuries to babies' fingers

West Virginia parents expect the products they buy for their babies, ranging from car seats to strollers, to be safe and sound for their little bundles of joy. When defective products end up actually hurting their little ones, it's natural for parents to become angry and to seek justice. Unfortunately, about five million baby strollers made by Graco were recently recalled because infants are at risk of getting their fingers amputated in them.

Woman dies in car wreck after vehicle lands in creek

One woman sadly lost her life in a watery crash that occurred recently. The West Virginia accident took place on a Sunday afternoon at approximately 3:20 p.m. near a Putnam County creek. With so few details known in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, the victim's family is likely questioning how such a seemingly preventable car wreck could have occurred.

2 die in West Virginia car accident

A fatal car accident occurred recently on I-81. West Virginia authorities reported that it happened on a recent Sunday evening. Two people died in the two-vehicle wreck, while a third person was apparently able to walk away from the car accident.

Parents should check strollers for defective product models

Parents here in West Virginia with young children likely have had at least one stroller in the household. It is a common staple for busy, on-the-go families. After all, strollers make life a lot easier. However, for parents with a Graco stroller in the house, it may be time to check the product name and model number and stop using it. This is because of a defective product recall that was recently made. 

Transvaginal mesh subject of defective medical device claim

Female incontinence continues to be a significantly large problem here in West Virginia and across the rest of the country. It is often a problem that seems to affect older women, but it can create problems for women of any age. A common solution to incontinence issues is transvaginal mesh. Unfortunately, it has been named in numerous defective medical device lawsuits, including a recent claim from another state.

Spinal cord injury often happens as a result of car crashes

Injury to one's spinal cord can happen as a result of a sudden slip and fall or even a vehicle accident. These injuries unfortunately can be life-changing, snatching away the ability of a person in West Virginia to tie his or her shoes or even use the bathroom normally. An estimated 12,000 new spinal cord injury cases occur each year.

Spinal cord injury may have an impact on the brain's function

Spinal cord injuries can drastically change a person's ability to operate as they are used to in West Virginia. Most researchers have focused on how spinal cord injury affects the body, but not many have concentrated on how it affects the function of the brain. Researchers recently learned that injury to the spinal cord can cause sustained and widespread brain inflammation, which can lead to nerve cells progressively being lost.

Tankless water heater recalled as defective product

Consumers are aware of the fact that the justice system is there in the event that they become victims of a burglaries or other crimes. However, many are not familiar with the fact that there are laws in place to help protect consumers from manufacturer negligence when it comes to defective products. One such defective product that has been recalled recently is a tankless water heater that may be in many homes, including homes in West Virginia.

Woman files suit after allegedly injured in car wreck

A woman recently filed a lawsuit in West Virginia against Enterprise Rent-A-Car after she was reportedly hurt in a car accident involving a vehicle owned by the company. The woman claims that a rental car collided with her vehicle, and she alleges that the driver of that car was negligent. The car wreck happened in October.

Pretzel dogs said to be defective product, recalled nationwide

For many West Virginia residents, it may seem as though a new recall is released every single day. While this may not necessarily be the truth, the fact is that a defective product is recalled more often than most people would like. This is because when a product is recalled, it means that there was something wrong with it. This further means that consumers are at risk for adverse reactions and injury.

McDonald's recalls defective products contained in Happy Meals

West Virginia parents have probably treated their kids to a McDonald's Happy Meal as some point. Unfortunately, these popular kids' meals were recently discovered to contain defective products. The fast food chain is now recalling more than two million Hello Kitty toys distributed with Happy Meals because two children were reported to have nearly choked on a part of the toy.

Defective product sold in McDonald's Happy Meals nationwide

Although troubling, it isn't uncommon for West Virginia residents to hear about toys being recalled. However, it may not be so common to find out that one's local fast-food restaurant is recalling toys that they sold with their children's meals. McDonald's has recently issued a recall for more than two million of their Hello Kitty whistles due to the them being classified as a defective product.

Spinal cord injury research may help victims' quality of life

People with spinal cord injury may quickly have to get used to depending on others after possibly having been independent for many years. This is because a spinal cord injury in West Virginia can cause a person to become paralyzed from the waist down, thus resulting in incontinence as well as the inability to walk. Although discovering a solution for victims of spinal cord injuries has proved to be difficult, researchers are persistently exploring how to better help patients to enhance their quality of life.

Car crash can take place because of texting and driving

A car accident in West Virginia can take the life of a person or cause severe injuries to someone in a split second, and can happen for a number of reasons. One of the more common car crash causes is distracted driving, which is cited anytime that a driver is distracted by doing something other than focusing on the task at hand. Texting while driving is one problematic example of distracted driving.

Defective medical device may have caused hernia surgery failure

As a general rule, medical devices and products are put through very rigorous testing in order to determine their suitability for use prior to being allowed to be purchased by consumers here in West Virginia and across the country. However, despite the fact that these products go through such extensive testing, some medical devices and products may still cause damage and injury. Unfortunately, for one man from another state, he allegedly received a defective medical device during surgery in the form of synthetic mesh.

Personal emergency systems recalled as defective product

In order to keep West Virginia consumers aware of any possible safety issues with products they may have in their homes, lists of recent recalls are often printed or announced by news agencies. Recently, a fairly long list of products recalled on a national level was released. Of the products listed, one in particular -- a personal emergency system -- sticks out as a defective product that could contribute to serious or life-threatening injuries.

Spinal cord injury can happen as a result of a car accident, fall

Injury to one's spinal cord can take place in the blink of an eye in West Virginia. Spinal cord injury can happen when someone suffers a blow to his or her head, back or neck; this blow may dislocate or fracture the vertebrate. About 11,000 individuals suffer from this type of injury every year in America.

Car accident causes 1 death, multiple injuries

One person died and another person suffered injuries in an unexpected collision in West Virginia. The car accident happened in the area of Virginia 159, police reported. It started when a man, said to be 18, was driving swiftly in his compact car.

Baby wipes recalled as defective product, may contain a bacteria

Baby wipes are staples in many homes in West Virginia, especially in homes with babies and young children. Wipes are used at diaper changes and can be used for cleaning a child's hands when he or she make a mess. While no one expects baby wipes to pose a potential danger, a recent recall suggests that some baby wipes recently manufactured are a defective product and are, therefore, unsafe for use.

Motorcycle crash can result in serious injuries in West Virginia

Riding on a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be a deadly one in West Virginia. This is particularly the case if other drivers around the motorcyclist are careless behind the wheel. Motorcyclists don't have much in the way of protection when a motorcycle crash happens.

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