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Car accident causes 1 death, multiple injuries

| Nov 6, 2014 | Car Accidents

One person died and another person suffered injuries in an unexpected collision in West Virginia. The car accident happened in the area of Virginia 159, police reported. It started when a man, said to be 18, was driving swiftly in his compact car.

His car suddenly went over the road’s center line on a Saturday afternoon. It then hit a pickup truck. The head-on crash caused him to suffer serious injuries; he was transported to the hospital and died there, according to state authorities.

The 54-year-old driver of the pickup truck also suffered injuries. She was transported to a medical center for treatment, police reported. Two people who were riding in the full-size truck suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital via helicopter.

Failing to maintain one’s lane, as the car driver had reportedly done, may be deemed negligent behavior behind the wheel. In this case, the driver of the pickup truck who was allegedly struck by the car driver may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. In addition, the injured passengers may elect to file injury claims, pursuing financial damages that can help them to cover their crash-related losses. Even though the car driver ended up passing away in the car accident, any person who separately owned the car he was driving may be held liable for the other parties’ injuries; in addition, the car driver’s estate may be sued. Liability needs to be established in a way that pleases the civil court in Virginia before a judge will adjudicate the injured victims’ financial damage claims.

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