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Although troubling, it isn’t uncommon for West Virginia residents to hear about toys being recalled. However, it may not be so common to find out that one’s local fast-food restaurant is recalling toys that they sold with their children’s meals. McDonald’s has recently issued a recall for more than two million of their Hello Kitty whistles due to the them being classified as a defective product.

Apparently, the recall is due to the fact that they are a choking hazard to children. The whistles are red and can actually be removed from the Hello Kitty figurine that was included. When a child inhales or exhales through the whistle, he or she may actually get pieces of the whistle in his or her mouth. In severe cases, those pieces may become lodged in the child’s throat, resulting in the child being unable to breathe properly.

McDonald’s has already received a couple of reports regarding the defective whistle. Thus far, two reports have been made in regard to a child sucking in pieces of the whistle. One of those incidents resulted in the child needing to seek medical attention.

Consumers who have received these Hello Kitty whistles in their Happy Meals should return them immediately. McDonald’s is currently offering a replacement toy free of charge. Alternatively, consumers can get apple slices or yogurt.

There are numerous ways in which a defective product can lead to a person’s injury in West Virginia. When young children are involved, choking is the most obvious risk. After all, if the child is not attended to immediately, this could result in serious injuries or even death for the child. When this type of incident occurs, parents may benefit from knowing that a products liability lawsuit may be an option for them. If successful, this type of civil lawsuit may result in monetary damages for the victim and his or her family, as well as responsibility being pinned on the manufacturer, which will hopefully ensure that it takes more cautious steps in the future with its products.

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