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Defective products by Graco cause injuries to babies’ fingers

| Nov 28, 2014 | Personal Injury

West Virginia parents expect the products they buy for their babies, ranging from car seats to strollers, to be safe and sound for their little bundles of joy. When defective products end up actually hurting their little ones, it’s natural for parents to become angry and to seek justice. Unfortunately, about five million baby strollers made by Graco were recently recalled because infants are at risk of getting their fingers amputated in them.

So far, 11 injuries to fingers have been reported in connection with the use of the Graco strollers. One finger was lacerated, six fingers were amputated and four fingertips were partially amputated. The recall involves 11 different stroller models produced between Aug. 2000 and Sept. 2014.

Nearly five million strollers in America are impacted by the recall. Owners of the strollers are encouraged to get in touch with Graco for a free repair kit. Until the repair kit arrives, the owners have been told to exercise caution when using and unfolding the stroller.

The thought of watching a child become injured in West Virginia as a result of a defective product is unacceptable. This is especially because parents naturally put their trust in manufacturers to produce top-quality and safe items for their children to use. When children have been injured as a result of defective products, the parents have the right to seek to hold the manufacturer and/or others in the supply chain accountable. They have every right to seek to right any wrongs that occurred, including the pursuit of financial damages sustained through use of the harmful products.

Source: ABC News, “Infant ‘Fingertip Amputations’ Lead to Huge Graco Stroller Recall“, Cindy Galli and Brian Ross, Nov. 20, 2014