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McDonald’s recalls defective products contained in Happy Meals

| Nov 16, 2014 | Personal Injury

West Virginia parents have probably treated their kids to a McDonald’s Happy Meal as some point. Unfortunately, these popular kids’ meals were recently discovered to contain defective products. The fast food chain is now recalling more than two million Hello Kitty toys distributed with Happy Meals because two children were reported to have nearly choked on a part of the toy.

The toy looks like a Hello Kitty figure carrying a lollipop. In addition to the doll-like figure, they toy also has a whistle that a child can remove. The restaurant was notified of two incidents where children had coughed out some parts of the whistle after sucking the parts out of the whistle when attempting to make noise. Authorities reported that one of the children had to receive medical attention.

More than two million of the toys were issued in Happy Meals in the United States beginning in Oct. 2014. The toys continued to be distributed through early November. Any parents who see their child with the toy are encouraged to immediately remove the toy from their child’s possession. The toy should then be returned to a McDonald’s location. The restaurant has offered to replace the toy for free, in addition to giving each child a yogurt or bag of apples when the exchange is made.

A defective product can cause serious injuries or even lead to death in certain cases. West Virginia consumers who suffer injuries due to defective products have the right to file personal injury claims against the company deemed responsible for the selling or manufacturing of the product. If their claims are successful, they made be awarded compensation for the losses they suffered due to their injuries.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “McDonald’s recalls millions of ‘Hello Kitty’ toys“, Heather Alexander, Nov. 11, 2014