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December 2014 Archives

Defective product claim -- woman finds dead bird in lettuce mix

When a food product is purchased at a West Virginia store, consumers expect it to be made properly and safe to eat. From pieces of metal to listeria contamination, any number of things than result in a defective product. In some cases, the issue can be caught before placed on the market for consumers to purchase and use. Unfortunately, this was apparently not the case in one recent incident from another state. 

FDA provides list of defective medical device recalls

Consumers rely on a system of checks and balances in order to ensure that the products they consume are safe to use. These checks and balances are implemented by the government as well as the businesses serving the public in West Virginia and every other state. However, lately there has been particular attention being paid to defective medical device cases.

Comfort Research defective products may pose suffocation hazard

A product that initially seems harmless might end up causing serious injuries or even death if it is found to be defective. One product recall that may affect West Virginia consumers involves bean bag chairs. These reportedly defective products were manufactured by Comfort Research and can pose a choking or suffocation hazard to children.

Defective medical devices may lead to injuries

People in West Virginia typically trust the businesses from which they purchase their medical devices and drugs. They expect manufacturers to produce reputable products, and they trust that appropriate agencies will inspect these products properly. Unfortunately, sometimes defective medical devices are sold, which may ultimately be grounds for a legal claim.

Stadium seat results in serious injuries, now a defective product

Residents in West Virginia who have children in high school who play football, basketball or other sports may have at least one stadium seat in their home. After all, the bleachers at games can be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, if residents have a particular brand of stadium seat, they may have a defective product in their home that they are using on a regular basis.

Those with incomplete spinal cord injury may regain functions

A spinal cord injury frequently results in chronic physical impairments that can snatch away a person's ability to take care of himself or herself independently in West Virginia. Spinal cord injury thus may seem to change a person's life for the worse. However, researchers are working on a treatment that will change injury victims' lives for the better.

Baxter International Inc. recalls dangerous defective product

West Virginia residents who suffer from illnesses are extremely vulnerable, and they commonly trust caretakers to administer medication that will improve their conditions. However, it is not uncommon for a defective product to find its way into the medical supplies of hospitals. If such errors are not noticed by medical staff, the consequences can be severe.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from stimulation tool

Serious spinal cord injuries in West Virginia can unfortunately alter the way a person lives by preventing him or her from being able to walk or do other basic activities. However, spinal cord stimulation might be able to improve the recovery of patients who have a severe spinal cord injury. This clinical tool is early in the development process.

Defective products by Dream On Me may cause child injuries

Parents in West Virginia who have purchased Dream On Me play yards may be interested in learning that several thousand of them are being recalled. This is because there is a possibility that a child could experience strangulation when using these defective products. Consumers are encouraged to stop using them and to get in touch with Dream On Me for a complementary repair kit.

Is there a defective product among the toys you bought this year?

While the season for toy shopping is well under way, West Virginia parents may want to consider the safety of toys before purchasing them. A recent report revealed the results of a study on children treated for injuries caused by toys between 1990 and 2011. The study did not include fatalities or children who were treated at doctors' offices or private care centers. Only the cases treated at emergency departments of American hospitals were included. The numbers are staggering and translate to a child suffering injury caused by a dangerous or defective product every third minute.

Christmas....A Time To Give Back

Christmas is a time when folks dig deep into their pockets and donate to various organizations and families across the world.  Most the donors focus on making a child's Christmas merry and bright.  This year, I would invite to you sponsor a homeless veteran or two.  These men and women fought for our freedom and are often overlooked on so many levels.  Veterans have endured the most unimaginable circumstances and we should be supporting them throughout the entire year and not just at Christmas.

Woman claims defective product caused serious injuries

There are numerous products in West Virginia that are designed to help a person clean. Strangely enough, many of the products meant to help keep a house clean enough to live in could cause serious damage. In fact, one out-of-state woman alleges that a company's defective product ultimately caused her to suffer serious injuries.

Dangerous home products may pose fire hazards

When people in West Virginia purchase products from retailers or online, they expect the products to be dependable and safe. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, with dangerous home products having the potential to cause harm or even lead to death. A couple of products are currently considered to be hazardous to consumers.

Recall: Dream On Me play yards identified as a defective product

Manufacturers and distributors of children's products have an enormous responsibility to provide the consumer market with products that will not pose personal injury hazards. While thousands of bright and colorful products fill the shelves of children's stores, many may threaten the safety of our children. West Virginia parents may want to learn about the recent recall of a defective product that was sold nationwide.

Defective medical devices may be easier to track by 2020

Medical devices are critical for helping West Virginia patients maintain a positive quality of life in the midst of their ailments. However, defective medical devices may end up costing people their health and even their lives -- the very things they were intended to protect. Patients may be interested to learn that the Food and Drug Administration has mandated that a new device identification system be in place by the year 2020.

Defective products designed for kids may end up hurting them

When parents in West Virginia give toys to their children, they trust that the toys will bring joy to their children's lives, not pain. Unfortunately, many children have ended up being hurt as a result of defective products designed specifically for them. Research shows that a child receives emergency room treatment one out of every three minutes as a result of an injury related to a toy.

Defective product may cause problems for nut allergy sufferers

Nut allergies can be extremely dangerous. It is crucial that individuals in West Virginia who have nut allergies be very careful when selecting products. Unfortunately, in some cases, a defective product containing nuts does not disclose the allergens on the ingredient statement on the product packaging.

Auto defects involving air bags lead to expanded Honda recall

People in West Virginia who drive Honda vehicles may be interested to learn that the company recently decided to expand its car recall to every U.S. state. This recall is in connection with potentially lethal air bags. This could mean that several million automobiles will end up being recalled as a result of Honda's auto defects.

Spinal cord injury victims may walk again with machine interface

Living with spinal cord injury in West Virginia can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Spinal cord injury victims might be unable to move about due to being paralyzed from the waist down, and this can be mentally hard to cope with. However, new research may instill hope in the millions of people with this type of injury.

Recent sporting goods recall involves Hoppe's gun cleaner

West Virginia residents who own a gun may be interested in hearing of a recent recall issued by Hoppe's, a sporting goods manufacturer. It involves the company's semi-automatic gun bore cleaner. The bottles are brown with a black cap and a yellow and blue label. The bottles hold 5 ounces of product and was sold by various sporting goods outlets.

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