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Christmas….A Time To Give Back

| Dec 16, 2014 | Uncategorized

Christmas is a time when folks dig deep into their pockets and donate to various organizations and families across the world.  Most the donors focus on making a child’s Christmas merry and bright.  This year, I would invite to you sponsor a homeless veteran or two.  These men and women fought for our freedom and are often overlooked on so many levels.  Veterans have endured the most unimaginable circumstances and we should be supporting them throughout the entire year and not just at Christmas.

Often we take so many things for granted and something as small as a warm blanket, socks, gloves and food would mean the world to someone who is homeless.  I know that in my household I have enough blankets to keep 10 families warm.  I often teach my children to appreciate all that they have in life because when you think of the homeless, it really puts things into perspective. What we take for granted could be a treasure to someone else.

So this Christmas, find an organization who actively supports homeless veterans.  I promise it will give you a different type of joy when you see the gratitude and appreciation on their faces.  You never know, you may even make a life long friend who you could check on frequently to make sure they are getting the basic essentials to survive in this world.   

Merry Christmas!  Give Back…even if it’s something small.