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Defective medical devices may lead to injuries

| Dec 24, 2014 | Personal Injury

People in West Virginia typically trust the businesses from which they purchase their medical devices and drugs. They expect manufacturers to produce reputable products, and they trust that appropriate agencies will inspect these products properly. Unfortunately, sometimes defective medical devices are sold, which may ultimately be grounds for a legal claim.

Some of the biggest reasons why medical products end up being recalled are labeling errors and minor defects that result in malfunctions. Packaging flaws may also lead to recalls. During the past couple of years, recalls of medical devices rose sharply.

Drug and medical device recalls have the potential to save people’s lives. Consumers can find out about recalls of unsafe medical products by visiting the website of the Food and Drug Administration. They can also opt to get email alerts that notify them when certain products they have purchased are being recalled.

Although many devices fortunately are recalled before the public can access them, this does not always happen. When consumers in West Virginia are hurt as a result of defective medical devices, they may be livid and even feel let down by the companies they trusted the most. Injured parties have the right to explore all of their legal options in an effort to hold the manufacturers of these products accountable. Likewise, the surviving family members of individuals who died as a result of using unsafe medical devices may choose to file wrongful death lawsuits against those deemed to have been responsible. They may seek financial damages, which could help them to cover any expenses related to the injuries suffered by using the harmful products.

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