Permanently Injured Man Claims Exercise Ball Is Defective Product

When a person decides to work out using an exercise ball, he or she expects to feel some amount of discomfort. After all, as the old adage goes “no pain, no gain” — and this idea is particularly true when trying to get more physically fit in West Virginia. However, in a recent situation, a man got more than just sore muscles after using an exercise ball. He ended up paralyzed when the reportedly defective product exploded and caused him to fall, and now he is suing the manufacturer of this ball.

The man, who was 70 years old, said he fell from the Easton Bell Sports ball following its explosion in 2011. As a result of the fall, he temporarily could not use his legs or arms. In addition, he became handicapped permanently. He complained that the company’s ball design was defective and that the product was not manufactured correctly. The victim also said Easton Bell Sports was negligent by not warning consumers about the dangers of the ball.

Another company, Ledraplastic, settled a similar lawsuit less than two years ago. This suit was filed after basketball star Francisco Garcia suffered injuries after his own stability ball exploded. The company ended up attaching warnings to its balls, saying that people should not use weights while performing exercises using the balls.

People rely on manufacturers to generate products that are safe for the public to use in West Virginia. When a company allegedly fails in this regard, customers who are injured as a result may strive to right the wrong that has been committed. They might be able to accomplish this by filing a lawsuit in which they demand financial damages, which can help to cover medical expenses and other losses tied to use of the defective product.

Source: Argus Leader, “Exercise ball explosion leads to injuries, lawsuit“, John Hult, April 17, 2014


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