Traumatic Brain Injury May Be Linked to Dementia

 | Jul 4, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Upon hearing that a loved one has suffered a brain injury in West Virginia, a person may naturally feel anxious. A traumatic brain injury can quickly disrupt a person’s life, from interfering with his or her ability to do normal activities to keeping the person from performing well in school or at work due to poor memory. A new study shows that the effects of brain injury can actually manifest much later in one’s life as well, in the form of dementia.

The study showed that brain injuries suffered while a person is in combat or in other scenarios can contribute to dementia and even Alzheimer’s. The records belonging to about 200,000 veterans over 55 years old were studied as part of the recent research. The individuals had visited medical facilities during the early part of the 21st century and at that time did not have dementia. However, 10 years later, about 16 percent were discovered to have the disease.

Meanwhile, only 10 percent of those without brain injuries had dementia. However, just because a person has repeated brain injuries doesn’t mean he or she will automatically get dementia. Researchers are continuing to study the brain, which is highly complicated, and how head trauma can impact the brain long-term.

A traumatic brain injury can easily occur if a person strikes his head against an object during a major vehicle accident in West Virginia. If the accident stemmed from another driver’s recklessness, this other driver may be held accountable for one’s brain injuries. Monetary compensation from a personal injury suit that is fought successfully can help the injury victim to cope with medical costs and other losses associated with the vehicle accident.

Source:, “Brain injury tied to dementia among military vets, reports study“, Joseph Mayton, June 26, 2014


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