Spinal Cord Injury Victims May Benefit From Horse-Riding

 | Jun 22, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries in West Virginia can have a major impact on an individual’s ability to live what most consider to be a normal life. Children who suffer these injuries may struggle with issues over bodily functions, such as continence. One program in another state is designed to help children to more effectively deal with a spinal cord injury by using horses.

A hospital recently completed an initial research phase for a new therapy program designed to allow kids with injuries to ride horses and to enjoy nature. This type of physical therapy is ideal, not only for those with spinal cord injury but also with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and spina bifida. One program participant, who had to take medications for bladder control, ended up reducing her medication intake after participating in the program. In addition, she was able to forego training pants and diapers.

This type of therapy has proved to be more successful than behavioral training and catheters have been for many program participants. In addition to physically benefiting from the program, the children benefit emotionally and mentally. This is because they have the opportunity to socially interact with other kids while riding horses.

Although living with spinal cord injuries can prove challenging, scientific research continues to offer possible solutions for battling the effects of these injuries. Sometimes, a spinal cord injury occurs because somebody else was not cautious — for instance, when the other person caused a West Virginia motor vehicle accident or failed to keep his or her property clear of hazards. When this happens, the allegedly at-fault party may face claims for financial liability for the victim’s spinal cord injuries. Monetary compensation generated from a successful claim can help the victim to cover the cost of treatments needed to keep him or her functioning as normally as possible.

Source: erietvnews.com, “Physical Therapy on Horses Brings New Hope“, Deedee Sun, June 12, 2014


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