Traumatic Brain Injury Can Cause Amnesia, Memory Problems

 | Jun 13, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Some injuries are easy to spot because they are external. However, a person’s brain injuries in West Virginia remain hidden until a symptom of the brain injury becomes noticeable to those around him or her, such as poor memory or moodiness. A traumatic brain injury can change one’s life in a negative way, and unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for it yet.

A large number of fatalities and permanent disabilities are reported each year due to brain injuries. About two-and-a-half million injuries occurred in 2010. These injuries stem from a blow or bump to a person’s head. Some people have mild symptoms, such as a temporary change in their consciousness or mental status. Meanwhile, others have more severe symptoms, such as a longer period of amnesia or becoming unconscious following the incident.

Furthermore, a person with a brain injury might have a reduced ability to concentrate and pay attention. Patients might also have trouble with problem solving. This can hurt their work performance as well as their relationships. A reduced level of efficiency is a chief symptom of brain injury.

Some people don’t realize that a brain injury and a concussion are actually the same thing. If a person in West Virginia experiences a jolt to the head in an accident that was someone else’s fault, then it is within the rights of the injured individual to file a personal injury claim against that party. If evidence of the other party’s negligence in the accident is documented in civil court, the victim may be awarded damages that can help to cover monetary damages linked to the injury.

Source: Waynesville Daily Guide, “Experts discuss Traumatic Brain Injury at Fort Leonard Wood“, , June 9, 2014


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