Traumatic Brain Injury Victims May Benefit From Acupuncture

 | Jun 1, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Acupuncture may prove helpful for treating a wide range of conditions in West Virginia, from anxiety to allergies. However, now researchers are saying that acupuncture may play a huge role in helping people recover from paralysis resulting from brain injuries. Those who suffer from traumatic brain injury may find comfort in the medical researchers’ findings.

One university split patients into two groups. Patients in one group only received traditional rehabilitation therapy. This therapy includes training involving lower limb and hand movement as well as training with standing up and sitting up. Meanwhile, those in the other group received both the conventional therapy and acupuncture to the body and specifically to the scalp. One month to three months following the treatments, it appears that those who received acupuncture experienced the greatest level of improvement.

A traumatic brain injury may occur when a person experiences an injury that penetrates the head. More than a million of these injuries are reported each year in America. Many of these injuries are viewed as mild, while the most severe ones can cause serious motor dysfunction or paralysis. Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries include memory loss and cognitive impairment as well as exhaustion. A patient may also experience dizziness and headaches.

The symptoms can have an adverse effect on a person’s well-being in West Virginia, hampering him or her from being able to live normally. If a vehicle accident or another incident caused by someone else led to the traumatic brain injury, the injured person has the right to try to hold the allegedly at-fault person liable for the injuries. Financial compensation may not be able to reverse the injury, but it may help the person to pay for needed brain injury-related treatments and address emotional distress linked to the injury.

Source:, “Acupuncture Assists Recovery For Brain Injury Related Paralysis“, , May 23, 2014


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