Defective Medical Device May Have Caused Hernia Surgery Failure

 | Nov 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

As a general rule, medical devices and products are put through very rigorous testing in order to determine their suitability for use prior to being allowed to be purchased by consumers here in West Virginia and across the country. However, despite the fact that these products go through such extensive testing, some medical devices and products may still cause damage and injury. Unfortunately, for one man from another state, he allegedly received a defective medical device during surgery in the form of synthetic mesh.

When a man underwent a hernia surgery several years ago, he likely expected for his related problems to be gone forever. Unfortunately, this was not the case. In fact, three years later, he found himself undergoing a second surgery. The reason for this was due to the use of alleged faulty synthetic mesh.

Apparently, the mesh that had been used during the initial surgery in April 2009 had disintegrated. When this happened, it caused the hernia to reoccur. This resulted in the need for a second surgery in November 2012. Reportedly, the mesh had caused so much damage to the abdominal wall that it could not be repaired.

Consumers in West Virginia have the right to assume a reasonable expectation when it comes to the performance and suitability of a medical product. If a product does not perform as specified and advertised, and it is deemed a defective medical device, the injured person or his or her family may have the right to pursue financial compensation from the manufacturer of the product. This may help provide financial relief when it comes to past, current and future medical expenses as well as physical pain and suffering.

Source: The Madison-St.Clair Record, “Madison County man alleges mesh used to repair hernia failed“, Oct. 28, 2014


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