Defective Medical Devices Can Result in Injuries or Death

 | Oct 4, 2014 | Personal Injury

A medical device is designed to help patients improve their health conditions, but sometimes these types of devices do the opposite. They actually make patients’ conditions worse because they are faulty. Those who are injured due to using defective medical devices, or people who lose family members who’ve used these devices, have the right to seek to hold the device manufacturers accountable in West Virginia.

One of the reasons that a medical device may be defective is that it is sent through the production process speedily. This is done so that the product manufacturers can start generating profits. However, these types of devices control millions of individuals’ well-being and health, so a faulty device can have life-altering consequences for a large population of people.

Some common devices that lead to problems in patients include surgical screws or pins, prostheses and stents. Other common devices are defibrillators, joint replacements and pacemakers. In addition to producing defective medical devices, sometimes manufacturers fail to fairly warn doctors or patients about risks associated with the devices.

A qualified attorney can investigate any issues involving defective medical devices and help you to take legal action in the event of an injury or death stemming from use of the products. You may demand monetary damages incurred through the use of the dangerous product. Whether you were injured or you lost a loved one as a result of the hazardous product, monetary relief may help you to experience a sense of closure and justice in the matter in West Virginia.

Source:, “Defective Medical Devices“, , Sept. 29, 2014


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