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January 2015 Archives

Woman claims defective airbag left her paralyzed

Automobiles have come a long way over the course of the last 100 years. Manufacturers are constantly adding safety features to protect drivers and their passengers should they become involved in a car accident. However, there have been reports recently of safety features that have actually caused more harm than good. These issues could also affect people in West Virginia. One out-of-state woman has recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that her airbag left her paralyzed.

2013 Ford recall could be expanded this year due to auto defects

Some of the biggest pickup trucks manufactured by Ford were recalled back in 2013, and this recall is currently being revisited by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This is because this agency has received 30 driver complaints tied to auto defects. If a driver in West Virginia ends up getting hurt as a result of an auto defect, it is within his or her rights to attempt to hold the vehicle manufacturer accountable in civil court.

Porsche auto defects may affect West Virginians

One of the most important factors people often consider when buying a new car is the vehicle's safety record. Unfortunately, manufacturers sometimes make mistakes that result in dangerous auto defects -- defects that are potentially fatal. Some consumers in West Virginia may be impacted by a recent recall by the auto company Porsche in connection with a fuel-seal defect.

Possible defective medical device snapped months after placement

When a consumer encounters a defective product in West Virginia, there are legal options available in order to seek accountability from the party deemed responsible. This is apparently what one woman from another state has done. She filed a lawsuit against a local hospital and medical supply manufacturer, claiming that she suffered injury due to a defective medical device. The lawsuit comes after a titanium plant that was implanted in her leg snapped and caused serious injury.

West Virginia car accident leads to 1 death, 1 injury

When people lose their lives or are injured in a vehicle collision, the individuals' families and the communities in which they live are understandably impacted. Two people's families and communities recently received word of a West Virginia car accident that led to one death and one injury. The accident happened on a recent Wednesday.

Candles from Hobby Lobby labeled defective products

Some of the most attractive and useful consumer products unfortunately can pose serious safety hazards in West Virginia. One product that was recently recalled was a specialty candle sold by Hobby Lobby. The candles, sold throughout the United States, are known to feature a high flame that may ignite the wax's surface -- thus potentially causing a fire -- and thus have been labeled defective products.

Defective products by IKEA recalled

Parents of babies are understandably concerned about the quality of the products they buy for them. Parents in West Virginia and other states may therefore benefit from knowing that certain crib mattresses have been recalled after being deemed defective products. There is a chance that the mattresses could end up trapping an infant.

Spinal cord injury victims could receive help from e-Dura implant

Researchers are already familiar with how they can stimulate a person's spinal cord and brain in order to treat different neurological conditions. However, it has been hard to produce implants that will work long-term without harming nearby tissue. Paralyzed spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia may be encouraged to learn that a new flexible neural implant has been developed that may stimulate neurons in various environments both chemically and electrically and thus enable them to move again.

Dining room chairs may be a dangerous household product

Consumers in West Virginia and throughout the rest of the country face a certain amount of risks every single day. However, some risks that are faced are unnecessary. For example, when a manufacturer designs and sells a product that is faulty or defective in one way or another, consumers may be at risk of serious injury or worse. This may be the case with one potentially dangerous household product that has recently been recalled. 

Defective product with undisclosed allergens poses risk to some

For individuals in West Virginia who do not suffer from food allergies, it is unlikely that they pay special attention to the ingredient labels on the food products that they buy. Unfortunately, those with specific food allergies do not have that luxury and must check labels before buying anything in order to avoid allergic reactions, which, if severe enough, could lead to death. Therefore, it is important for all allergens to be listed on products before manufacturers release those products to the public. Unfortunately, this does not always occur and a defective product can end up on the shelves of grocery stores nationwide.

More auto defects expected to be reported in 2015

Purchasing a new vehicle is often an exciting experience, but if the vehicle malfunctions due to a defect, the result can be dangerous. Unfortunately, a record number of auto defects were reported in 2014. West Virginia drivers and those in other states may witness even more recalls this year.

Exercise equipment by SKLZ has been recalled for injury dangers

Individuals in West Virginia who enjoy working out may use resistance bands. This is particularly true if they prefer to work out at home instead of a gym. Unfortunately, the resistance bands made by SKLZ have recently been recalled, and the exercise equipment may be a defective product.

Costco tealights are deemed defective products

A seemingly harmless product may end up causing a person to suffer serious injuries or even result in someone's death. This can happen as a result of a product defect that was not caught in time. West Virginia consumers who are seriously injured by defective products may choose to take legal action against the producer of the hazardous goods.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from new research

When a person's spinal cord has been injured, he or she may imagine not being able to walk again and immediately become discouraged. However, research shows that even after a spinal cord injury victim in West Virginia experiences total spinal paralysis, it is possible for the spinal cord to trigger leg muscle activity. This is achievable using a stimulator that has been implanted into the body and produces electrical pulses.

Serious disorder or fatal injury may be possible with Abilify

West Virginia residents who take anti-depressants may be interested in hearing about a case from another state that involves the anti-depressant Abilify. One man began taking Abilify in Oct. 2010 after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Three years later, he was becoming very restless and noticed that he was twitching in some of his extremities. These problems only worsened over time, but luckily they did not cause a fatal injury.

GM announces auto defects involving ignitions

The quality of a vehicle can mean life or death, which is why West Virginia motorists may be interested to learn that auto company GM recently announced a vehicle recall impacting more than 92,000 vehicles. The announcement came on New Year's Day and represents the company's first recall in the new year. The vehicles are being recalled due to auto defects involving ignitions.

Spinal cord injury victims benefit from medical advances

People with spinal cord injuries in West Virginia often experience a decreased quality of life for several reasons. For example, they might lose their ability to move part of their body or lose sensation. They may also lose control of their bowels. Research shows that spinal cord injury can also have multiple other life-altering effects.

A dozden defective products recently recalled

Buying a product you need or receiving one as a gift can be exciting, but unfortunately, some products in West Virginia feature dangerous defects. These defective products can end up causing serious injuries or even death. Several products have recently been subject to either a voluntary or mandatory recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Design flaw in sporting goods bow may have caused thumb injuries

Barnett Outdoors is a popular manufacturer and distributor of crossbows that are used for outdoor hunting, as many West Virginia residents likely know. The company has been named in a number of lawsuits regarding its sporting goods products. Apparently, there is a design flaw in the crossbow that allows for unnecessary injury to occur to the user. The company claims that the injuries are due to shooter error and further asserts that the injuries are a result of amateur knowledge of the crossbow and how to use it.

Woman says she ate defective product with salmonella from deli

Salmonella is just one of the many illnesses that can be contracted from eating contaminated food. Food products can be contaminated in a number of ways. In some cases, salmonella poisoning may occur because a worker infected with salmonella does not wash his or her hands with hot water and soap. In other instances, a defective product with salmonella may be contaminated during food processing methods. Whatever the case may be, the health implications for West Virginia residents can be serious.

Defective products by Keurig Green Mountain cause burns

Coffee-lovers in West Virginia may enjoy their Keurig coffee-making machines or may even be entertaining the thought of purchasing one. However, several million of these machines were recently found to be defective products and thus have been recalled. The company said it has received 90 complaints of burns in connection with the machines.

Woman suffers spinal cord injury at trampoline park

One accident, in West Virginia or elsewhere, can quickly take away a person's ability to ever walk again. Unfortunately, one individual in an out-of-state case recently experienced this after visiting a trampoline park. She went to the indoor park to celebrate her son's birthday, but an accident there caused her to suffer a spinal cord injury and led paralysis of the lower part of her body.

Car accident results in 1 death, 3 injuries

One young woman died and three other individuals were injured in a recent West Virginia crash involving two vehicles. The car accident took place on a Monday night in late December. According to reports, the collision occurred about an hour northwest of Charleston.

Keurig Mini Plus brewers named as a dangerous household product

For many residents here in West Virginia, a morning cup of Joe is the norm. Due to the fact that life is busy, many people have turned to the Keurig Mini Plus coffee brewer to brew quality coffee in a fraction of the time and to limit wasting an entire pot of coffee since these machines only brew a single cup at a time. Unfortunately, a recent recall by Keurig suggests that the coffee machines are a dangerous household product and could harm to anyone using them.

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