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A dozden defective products recently recalled

| Jan 8, 2015 | Personal Injury

Buying a product you need or receiving one as a gift can be exciting, but unfortunately, some products in West Virginia feature dangerous defects. These defective products can end up causing serious injuries or even death. Several products have recently been subject to either a voluntary or mandatory recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

One product that has been recalled is a fleece panel hoodie for kids, manufactured by the James Trading Group. The Croker hoodie features a neck-area drawstring that the company said may pose a strangulation risk to kids, as these strings may become entangled in the doors of school buses, on hand rails or on slides at playgrounds. BRP U.S. Inc. also recalled more than 3,000 Can-Am and Ski-Doo hoodies for kids in America. In addition, Kiddie Korral has recalled more than 2,000 sweatshirts with pink hoods and red ponies because of the strangulation hazard posed by its drawstring.

Other products being recalled are off-road vehicles by Yamaha. More than 800 motorcycles have been recalled because the engine may lock up while an operator is using it, thus causing an individual to suddenly lose control and thus crash. An animated monkey toy by Giggle International has been recalled as well since the company received a couple of reports of the toy overheating, causing the battery compartment to melt.

When customers in West Virginia are injured by defective products, this can result in hefty medical bills and even cause a person not to be able to work for a period of time while healing. Injury victims, or those who have lost loved ones to hazardous products, have the right to assess their legal options for remedying the situation. This includes demanding financial damages incurred by using the product through the litigation of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

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