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Defective products by IKEA recalled

| Jan 23, 2015 | Personal Injury

Parents of babies are understandably concerned about the quality of the products they buy for them. Parents in West Virginia and other states may therefore benefit from knowing that certain crib mattresses have been recalled after being deemed defective products. There is a chance that the mattresses could end up trapping an infant.

The crib mattresses come from IKEA and are called the Vyssa-style mattresses. These mattresses were created prior to May 2014. There is a gap of space between the crib ends and the mattress that is the width of two fingers, which is bigger than federal laws allow and thus indicates that the mattress is defective.

These particular crib mattresses were sold in IKEA stores throughout the United States from 2010 to 2014. So far, there have been a couple of reports of babies who have become entrapped between a crib end and the mattress; in both cases, the children were able to be removed without being injured. Nearly 170,000 mattresses are being recalled.

Manufacturers have a huge responsibility to make sure that their products are safe for members of the public to use. Failure to do this may result in injury or death to a consumer. People who are injured after using defective products in West Virginia have the right to file personal injury claims against the manufacturers of these products. Meanwhile, the loved ones of those who die after using the products may file wrongful death claims, seeking damages that may help to cover burial expenses and other losses connected to the incident, if awarded.

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