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Serious disorder or fatal injury may be possible with Abilify

| Jan 13, 2015 | Uncategorized

West Virginia residents who take anti-depressants may be interested in hearing about a case from another state that involves the anti-depressant Abilify. One man began taking Abilify in Oct. 2010 after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Three years later, he was becoming very restless and noticed that he was twitching in some of his extremities. These problems only worsened over time, but luckily they did not cause a fatal injury.

However, the man had developed a serious disorder. He was diagnosed with a movement disorder known as Tardive dyskinesia. Unfortunately, this is a disorder that cannot be cured. It is a disorder that is believed to be caused by prolonged use of anti-psychotic drugs. During the first months of 2014, he was informed that the disorder occurred due to his use of Abilify.

The man has now filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the drug. He is accusing them of manufacturing and selling an unreasonably dangerous drug to the general public. He says that they did not offer adequate warnings of the potential side effects of the drug, including the development of Tardive dyskinesia. He is seeking compensation for lost wages, medical costs and other related damages.

When a person in West Virginia suffers unreasonable harm due to a defective or dangerous drug, it is important that he or she understands that he or she has legal rights. The same is true for the family of a person who suffers a fatal injury. Drug companies are known for sometimes creating and selling ineffectively marked drugs or failing to warn consumers of the potentially serious side effects of the drug. When this occurs, consumers may be interested in filing a claim for their own compensation of injuries, like this man did.

Source:, “Man files lawsuit claiming antidepressant Abilify caused neurological disorder“, Kyle Barnett, Jan. 5, 2015