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Woman claims defective airbag left her paralyzed

| Jan 31, 2015 | Auto Defects

Automobiles have come a long way over the course of the last 100 years. Manufacturers are constantly adding safety features to protect drivers and their passengers should they become involved in a car accident. However, there have been reports recently of safety features that have actually caused more harm than good. These issues could also affect people in West Virginia. One out-of-state woman has recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that her airbag left her paralyzed.

According to an accident report, the 76-year-old female plaintiff reportedly ran a red light in June 2014. As a result, she is believed to have struck a sport utility vehicle. She claims that the airbag on her Honda sedan deployed late. When it finally did deploy, she says, it was a violent explosion.

The woman has recently filed a lawsuit against a Florida dealership, Honda and Takata — the company that made the airbag. She claims that the airbag has left her a quadriplegic. Honda, however, states that it inspected the airbag and found no defect. In recent years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fined the company approximately $70 million because it had apparently failed to report a significant number of incidents resulting in injuries and/or deaths.

Most people know that an airbag serves a specific function and could save a person’s life. However, people are becoming more aware of the issues created by a defective airbag. For those in West Virginia who have been injured in such a manner, there are options available. A case successfully presented in a civil court could result in an award of damages that may help with medical bills and lost wages resulting from such an event.

Source:, “Jacksonville woman files lawsuit seeking millions over air bag malfunction“, Andrew Pantazi, Jan. 23, 2015