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February 2015 Archives

Defective medical devices may cause serious health problems

Medical implants are made to help improve people's quality of life. Unfortunately, defective medical devices may end up making a West Virginia patient's quality of life worse. One type of medical device that has been known to cause physical issues is the metal hip implant.

Toy trucks labeled dangerous or defective products

When toys are purchased for children, the buyer expects the toys to be safe and not cause any harm to the child for whom they are intended. Sadly, this is not always the case, and individuals sometimes end up purchasing dangerous or defective products. Due to a recent recall that impacts the entire country, West Virginia parents may want to check their children's toys to ensure that they are not in possession of any recalled items.

Smoke and CO detectors among latest defective household products

In most cases, when residents of West Virginia buy products, they work just as they should. However, there are times when individuals purchase products that fail to function as advertised. Sometimes, these defective household products are not harmful. Unfortunately, in some cases, such as is the case with one of the most recent recalls in the United States, defects can result in serious health issues. 

Auto defects lead to GM recall involving power steering

Defective vehicles can quickly lead to preventable accidents resulting in injury or death. Drivers of General Motors vehicles in West Virginia may benefit from learning about a recent recall issued by the auto company. Officials are recalling over 80,000 vehicles due to auto defects involving power steering.

Fire extinguishers recalled as dangerous or defective products

Most people here in West Virginia assume that when they make a purchase of a product that the product is not only safe to use but completely functional as well. However, with more and more recalls, it is becoming more evident that not all products placed on the shelves for consumers to purchase and use are safe and functional. In fact, one may suffer serious injury and/or property damage due to one of the most recent dangerous or defective products not operating as it should when activated. 

Fire extinguishers by Kiddie are defective products

Consumers in West Virginia may be shocked to learn that a device that was designed to protect them in an emergency may actually end up causing an emergency. The device is the Kiddie disposable fire extinguisher, featuring a plastic valve. These defective products are known to potentially cause injury.

New grant to fuel further spinal cord injury research

Individuals who suffer injuries to the spinal cord in West Virginia suffer a wide range of side effects, ranging from reduced cognitive function to paralysis. It is possible to restore function following a spinal cord injury if new connections are formed between those nerve cells that have survived the injury. Researchers are studying in depth how such nerve cells form new connections.

Auto defects in Jeep Grand Cherokees may cause airbags to deploy

Most people assume that the parts on their car have been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure that drivers and passengers are kept safe at all times while inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, errors occur and auto defects can put the entire family as well as others on the road in danger. When those using West Virginia roadways have been injured or have lost a loved one due to an auto design or manufacturing flaw, it may be possible to file a claim in civil court to pursue recover of financial damages. This may be something to consider with one of the most recent recalls related to auto defects. 

High chair maker Moon recalls defective products

A defective product can easily cause unintended harm to a consumer in West Virginia. Parents of young children in West Virginia may be interested to learn about high chairs that have recently been recalled due to a defect. The defective products are manufactured by Moon.

Baby powder may be among current dangerous or defective products

Baby powder is a common household product that is used by people of all ages here in West Virginia. It is commonly used on babies after a diaper change to help avoid diaper rash. Many women also use baby powder for feminine hygiene. This is exactly what one woman had been doing for decades, as she would have never thought that it could be considered one of the many dangerous or defective products on the market today.

3 major automakers recall vehicles due to auto defects

Consumers in West Virginia depend on their vehicles every day to safely get them from Point A to Point B. However, some vehicle owners may have older vehicles with dangerous auto defects that have sparked a recent recall. Three chief carmakers are recalling more than two million older automobiles.

Car wreck claims 1 teen's life, injures another teen

In an unfortunate vehicle crash, one teenager in West Virginia recently passed away while another one suffered injuries. The car wreck took place early in the morning on a recent Saturday. It started when a police officer was trying to stop a car for committing a minor driving violation.

Wrongful death suit filed after tire from Cooper Tire separates

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has been a front runner for decades in the tire industry. Although it isn't common to hear about issues with vehicle tires in West Virginia and across the rest of the country, they can occur. Usually, these issues occur due to tire defects. Recently, an apparent defect in one of the company's tires caused a catastrophic accident and resulted in the possible wrongful death of several individuals.

Defective products by space-heater maker may cause scalding

One store or online purchase can easily be life-changing if the product ends up being defective, thus causing injury or even the death of a loved one. During the winter season, consumers in West Virginia may benefit from learning that certain space heaters have recently been recalled. The recall of the defective products stems from the discovery that these heaters have the potential to spray oil that has been heated; therefore, they may pose a scalding hazard.

Sunbeam space heaters classified as defective household products

Faulty heaters are often cited as the reasons for house fires. Even when West Virginia homeowners follow safety regulations and take preventative measures to prevent a fire, injury can still occur. In many cases, fires and other injuries are due to defective household products that were allowed on the shelves of retail stores for consumers to use in their homes. 

Medical technology may improve treatments for spinal cord injury

Technology in medicine has dramatically evolved in recent years, thus revolutionizing how doctors diagnose and treat patients in West Virginia and other parts of the United States. One type of technology introduced within the past few years, in particular, is a scan machine called the SPECT-CT. With it, doctors can diagnose any new spinal cord injury that has occurred in someone who was previously diagnosed with damage to the spinal cord.

New discovery may bring hope to spinal cord injury patients

People with spinal cord injuries often feel as though their lives will remain forever impacted by the incident that led to their injuries in West Virginia, whether it is a car accident or a slip-and-fall incident. However, new research could drastically impact treatment of spinal cord injury. Scientists recently identified an immune response that takes place after one's central nervous system has suffered an injury.

Mean Green among latest defective household products recalled

Since their release, Mean Green cleaning supplies have been steadily increasing in popularity. They are in thousands of homes across the United States, including many homes in West Virginia. Unfortunately, some of the products made and sold by Mean Green are now considered defective household products.

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