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Baby powder may be among current dangerous or defective products

| Feb 12, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Baby powder is a common household product that is used by people of all ages here in West Virginia. It is commonly used on babies after a diaper change to help avoid diaper rash. Many women also use baby powder for feminine hygiene. This is exactly what one woman had been doing for decades, as she would have never thought that it could be considered one of the many dangerous or defective products on the market today.

Unfortunately, the woman is now suing Johnson and Johnson after she believes its baby powder resulted in her ovarian cancer. The 66-year-old woman says that she used baby powder by Johnson and Johnson dating back to 1964. She stopped use of the product as soon as she found out she had developed ovarian cancer.

Studies have been linking baby powder to cancer since 1971. In fact, a study conducted in 1982 showed that there was more than a 90 percent increase in cancer risk for those who used the powder on a regular basis. There have been nearly two dozen studies to document the risk since then. 

The woman says that Johnson and Johnson was well aware of the cancer risk associated with its baby powder. She alleges that the company went ahead and allowed it to be purchased and used by consumers all across the country anyway, without ensuring everyone was knowledgeable about the hazards. She is seeking financial restitution for various damages that she incurred as a result of the manufacturer’s allegedly defective product. Anyone here in West Virginia who has been diagnosed with cancer after using baby powder may have a similar claim and is fully entitled to seek more information regarding a potential lawsuit for dangerous or defective products.

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