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Defective products by space-heater maker may cause scalding

| Feb 7, 2015 | Personal Injury

One store or online purchase can easily be life-changing if the product ends up being defective, thus causing injury or even the death of a loved one. During the winter season, consumers in West Virginia may benefit from learning that certain space heaters have recently been recalled. The recall of the defective products stems from the discovery that these heaters have the potential to spray oil that has been heated; therefore, they may pose a scalding hazard.

The heaters are sold under the brand Holmes and are either white or black. The recalled heaters are nearly 23-inches tall and span 12-inches in width. They also feature a depth of 6 inches. These heaters were sold at Target stores, as well as at other department stores throughout the United States, between August and November of last year.

Nearly 40 reports have been made regarding the heater’s defect. In the reported incidents, nearby fabrics and carpet were damaged. Injuries have not been reported up to this point. Nearly 34,000 of the units have been sold in the United States.

It can naturally be disheartening to learn that a product that one has purchased may actually end up causing harm to loved ones. Manufacturers have a duty to produce goods that are safe for public use and consumption, and, if they fail in this regard, West Virginia consumers who have been hurt by the defective products have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturers. Injury victims or the family members of a person killed due to the use of hazardous products may seek financial damages, which may help them to cover their related losses.

Source: Fox Business, “Recalls this week include space heaters, orbital sanders, candle gift boxes”, Jan. 30, 2015