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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has been a front runner for decades in the tire industry. Although it isn’t common to hear about issues with vehicle tires in West Virginia and across the rest of the country, they can occur. Usually, these issues occur due to tire defects. Recently, an apparent defect in one of the company’s tires caused a catastrophic accident and resulted in the possible wrongful death of several individuals.

Apparently, a family was traveling in a vehicle when something happened. The tread on the tire separated, which caused the driver to be unable to control the vehicle. The vehicle ended up rolling over and struck a sign. The passengers were all severely injured, and five of them passed away.

Two of the surviving family members have filed a lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubbery Company for their involvement in the tragic accident. They are seeking various damages for personal injury and wrongful death. They are accusing the tire company of being responsible for the death of their family members and injuring the other occupants in the vehicle.

Tire manufacturers are required to produce tires that are fit for the purpose intended and safe. When defective tires result in personal injury or a wrongful death here in West Virginia, it can result in excessive financial hardship. However, it may be possible to pursue a legal claim that, if properly presented, could provide financial relief. A successful claim may also hold the tire manufacturer responsible for allowing an unsafe product to put consumer lives in danger.

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