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Cancer drug may be used to treat a spinal cord injury

| Mar 20, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are known for being irreversible. Unfortunately, an accident that causes a spinal cord injury in West Virginia often results in long-term disabilities or even permanent paralysis. Research, however, is now indicating that a drug that already exists may actually provide hope to people suffering from injuries to their spinal cords.

The substance is called epothilone. This drug is currently used in cancer treatment in the United States, but some researchers believe that it can also reduce scar tissue formation that is often a side effect of spinal cord injuries. In addition, the drug has the potential to stimulate growth where nerve cells are damaged.

Spinal cord damage rarely heals due to the fact that nerve cells that have been injured cannot regenerate. Their inability to regenerate is partially due to the scar tissue that ends up developing. Therefore, stopping scar tissue from forming is an essential part of treating people with injuries to the spinal cord. The low doses of epothilone that are thought to be needed to treat spinal cord injury patients are not expected to cause the serious side-effects associated with the higher doses used in cancer treatment.

Although suffering a spinal cord injury can be difficult both physically and emotionally, there is a chance that such an injury could effectively be addressed pending further research. In the meantime, an accident victim who suffered a spinal cord injury is forced to cope with his or her injury on a daily basis. If he or she was injured because of the negligence of another person in West Virginia, he or she has the right to file a personal injury claim against the other person, pursuing the reimbursement of damages tied to the incident.

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