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Dangerous home products by Sears recalled

| Mar 5, 2015 | Personal Injury

An everyday product can quickly cause an unexpected injury if it features components that were made improperly. Unfortunately, such unexpected injuries stemming from dangerous home products can end up costing victims money and time away from work. West Virginia consumers may benefit from learning that a few thousand electric ranges were recently recalled by Sears due to a product defect.

Sears recently recalled nearly 3,000 ranges because the product’s heating element has the potential to fail to remain correctly attached to the range’s cooktop. This poses an electrical shock-related hazard to those using the range. The Kenmore ranges are 24 inches wide. The ranges feature cooktops that are smooth, and the bodies of the ranges are black or white in color with accents made out of stainless steel.

Kmart and Sears stores sold the ranges throughout the United States between April and October of 2014. Each range was sold for $650 to $860. Consumers are encouraged to quit using the ranges, unplug them and get in touch with Sears for complementary inspections, as well as repairs, if needed.

When a company manufactures and sells dangerous home products, the West Virginia consumers who end up being physically harmed have the right to pursue justice. They may do this through the civil court system by filing product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers in efforts to hold the companies accountable. They can demand the reimbursement of financial damages resulting from using dangerous products. Financial restitution might help the victims to pay for related medical treatment and cover lost wages.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “Sear Recalls Electric Ranges, Possible Shock Hazard“, Jim Donovan, Feb. 25, 2015