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Dirt Devil recalls defective household products

| Mar 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

West Virginia residents probably do not expect to get hurt while cleaning their homes. While it is possible to lift something that is too heavy or bend over the wrong way and hurt one’s back, most people do not expect to be using a cleaning product and suffer an injury as a result. Unfortunately, this can occur when defective household products end up on store shelves and make their way into consumers’ homes.

A recent safety recall has been issued by Dirt Devil regarding one of its hand vacuum cleaner attachments. The affected vacuum attachment is the Scorpion Turbo Quick Flip Hand Vac Turbo Tool. Apparently, the risk lies in the integrity of an interior piece of the attachment. When the attachment breaks, the interior piece can eject from the vacuum, potentially injuring the user or anyone else around.

Consumers who purchased these attachments from home improvement stores or from online retailers from the beginning of Jan. 2012 to Feb. 2015 are at risk of having a defective product in their homes. Thus far, there have been half a dozen reports of the tools breaking. Although Dirt Devil is not aware of any injuries associated with the product, the fact of the matter remains that injuries are possible.

Defective household products may be the result of manufacturing issues, design flaws or other quality control problems. Regardless of the causes of defaults, West Virginia residents who have been injured as a result of faulty products have the right to pursue legal claims against the companies that they suspect are responsible. If successful, this type of legal claim can result in financial compensation being awarded to the victim. This award may help recoup any financial losses that occur as a result of an injury.

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